3 Bold Blush Trends to Heat Up Your Summer


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Summertime has always had a way of bringing about some of the most playful makeup trends. As we all dream of upcoming vacations on tropical beaches, afternoons spent poolside, and long sunny days that bleed into warm, adventurous nights, TikTok is filled with beauty inspiration to kickoff the summer. This year, blush is the season’s hottest topic. With trends ranging from vibrant ombré finishes that mimic the sun’s golden rays to nostalgic looks that take on a whole new form, this one step in your makeup routine can make all the difference. We tapped makeup artist and ELLE Beauty Advisory Board member Chloe Baltimore to teach you how to flawlessly apply the best blush trends of the season.

Sunset Blush

One could argue that there are few things in the world more beautiful than a sunset. Vibrant yellow and orange hues cascade into a sea of pink atop the most mesmerizing canvas, creating a scene so alluring it’s hard to pull your eyes away. I’m not talking about the sunset in the sky; I’m talking about the sunset on your face.

Sunset blush is a viral trend of mixing orange and pink to mimic the look of a sunset. While the finished look may seem difficult to accomplish, sunset blush is surprisingly easy to achieve. “Start by applying a deep, pink blush to the temples and the highest points of the cheeks, then layer on an orange blush onto the apples of the cheeks, ensuring it seamlessly blends into the pink shade,” says Baltimore. “To enhance the luminosity of the look, finish off with a touch of gold highlighter at the highest point of the cheek, ideally where the two blush shades meet.” But the secret to a flawless finish is the application. Whether you prefer to use a makeup brush or a sponge to apply your blush, getting a seamless blend is the key to achieving the ombré look.

The original creator, Alissa Janay, whose video has amassed over eight million views and one million likes on TikTok, starts by dotting the liquid blush directly onto her face and then blending out the product with a blush. While this is a great option, other techniques may be better for makeup novices who are looking to get similar results. Baltimore suggests “tapping the product onto a brush and stippling it onto the face” as an alternative. “This technique grants enhanced control over coverage, precise placement, and seamless blending, ensuring a flawless outcome,” she says.

Beyond the different techniques that you can use, there are many reasons why sunset blush is all over our TikTok “For You” page. This trend follows a long line of recent beauty waves that center playfulness and creativity when it comes to makeup, and blush plays an integral part in how we can experiment. “Throughout my beauty journey, I’ve encountered a myriad of products, from intensely pigmented formulas to effortlessly blendable textures. However, my favorite blushes seamlessly combine both qualities, ensuring a flawless application every time,” says Baltimore.

Boyfriend Blush

Trying different formulas, placements, and shades can transform your everyday look into a work of art. Bring your blush to the high points of your cheek for an ethereal editorial look, or bring it down to the apples of your face and across your nose for an adorable doll-like finish. Boyfriend blush is another great example of the power of placement with your makeup.

Contrary to what the name suggests, boyfriend blush actually has nothing to do with your relationship status. This trend is all about enhancing the natural flush of your face. Using more orange blush tones, this trend is a callback to makeup looks reminiscent of the ’90s and early 2000s beauty looks, with beauty TikTokers referencing icons like Devin Aoki as pioneers of this trend.

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This blush technique applies blush lower on the face instead of to the highest point of the cheeks. Starting at the apples of your cheek and blending downward just below where you would contour will reveal a youthful flush of color that looks great on any face shape.

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Lavender Haze

purple pink blush

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Though the season usually calls for more vibrant tones, cool tones are having a moment this summer. Blue hues had their moment to shine earlier this year. Now, purple-toned blushes have become the go-to product for achieving an effortless, ethereal makeup look.

An unexpected color choice for a blush, purple is great for adding a more defined and pigmented finish. The rich purple shade often shows up as a more vibrant pinkish tone, making for the perfect flushed blush look, especially for those with deeper skin tones or more neutral undertones. Try adding pearly iridescent shades atop a lavender or deep purple blush to get the glowy sunkissed look that is bound to quickly become a crowd favorite.

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These trends prove that incorporating and mixing colors and testing different techniques can easily elevate any look. Though these trends come just as summer is beginning, that doesn’t mean they end when the season is over. Blush will always be a versatile staple beauty product, and with new techniques surfacing, there is no limit to what you can achieve with the simple swipe of a brush.

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