The Demi-Permanent Box Dye That Gave My Red Hair New Life


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Going from brunette to redhead has been a high-maintenance joyride. I’m loving the fresh look, but maintaining the vibrancy of the color I first left the salon with is expensive and time-consuming. Recently, my budget was tight, my colorist was booked solid, and my hair was turning a dull and lackluster shade of copper, so I decided to experiment with demi-permanent, at-home dye and hope for the best.

Revlon ColorSilk Tone + Gloss + Care

ColorSilk Tone + Gloss + Care

I chose Revlon ColorSilk Tone + Gloss + Care because it’s formulated without adding ammonia and contains up to 90 percent natural-origin ingredients, comes in 10 natural-looking shades (Medium Red is my match), and offers commitment-free color that rinses out in 28 washes. I also appreciate that the kit comes with a conditioner and leave-in scalp-and-hair serum for nourishment.


Courtesy of Revlon

And now this under-$10 product has officially dispelled the misconception I once believed in firmly: that at-home box dye only yields streaky color, dehydrated strands, and an irritated scalp. On the contrary, this color made my red hair look shiny, healthy, and revived in just an hour’s time.

I started the process with dry, detangled hair parted down the middle. I put on gloves and cocktailed the developer and colorant together in the provided bottle, setting up my coloring station in front of the bathroom mirror. In sections, I began to saturate every inch of my roots and strands. (A tip: Finish by running a wide-tooth comb through your hair to ensure the mixture is spread evenly.)

After allowing the mixture to sit for 20 minutes, I hopped in the shower and rinsed out the colorant, shampooed, and applied the included After Color Conditioner, letting it soak in for two minutes to fully reap the moisturizing benefits. Once out, I massaged my scalp with the Leave-In Scalp & Hair Serum, and applied some remaining product from mid-lengths to ends. Finally, I dried and styled my hair as usual.

a collage of different hair styles

Courtesy of Revlon

I was impressed by how seamless the process was for a first-timer, and I’m even more so by the state of my hair post-dye job. According to the brand, the product is formulated to leave strands two times shinier and four times stronger versus uncolored hair, and 93 percent of users showed an improvement in scalp hydration.

I am pleased to verify that I experienced all the above benefits, and my colorist appreciates the fact that the dye merely enhanced the shade she had so carefully created in the salon. Emboldened by the journey, I’ve moved on to a new question: What color should I play with next?

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