I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Pandora’s Mixed Metals Ring


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As a certified jewelry girl, even when I go minimalist on my blingy accessories, it translates as maximalist. So, when I heard about Pandora’s new Essence collection, designed to be as minimal or layerable as you want, I knew there was potential. Even non-jewelry people will be able to get behind this drop.

With 50 pieces in the assortment, there’s everything you could possibly need for a jewelry overhaul. Small, baroque pearls and sculptural shapes make the offering feel classic, yet modern. Dainty necklaces and earrings meet with sturdy rings and bracelets in both sterling silver and 14K gold plating. I own and wear a lot of statement jewelry, but Essence provides the staple pieces I need for everyday wear. Yet I couldn’t help but zero in on one item in particular to inspire the rest of my stack: the Two-tone Entwined Bands Ring.

Pandora Two-tone Entwined Bands Ring

Two-tone Entwined Bands Ring

Adhering to the mixed metals trend, the entwined silver and gold ring is made for mixing and matching. One recent night at dinner, I did just that, over and over, until I found the perfect result. If the result was all gold or all silver, I still had fun combining all the organic shapes and loops and even the hearts, but, in my opinion, metals mixed together offered the ideal subtle statement—one you might not even notice unless you looked up close.


Sophie Sahara/Pandora

For someone like me who’s frequently on the go, seemingly always holding a phone or a beverage in hand, having a ring stack admittedly isn’t always the most comfortable, but I’ll be the first to admit that I do it for the aesthetic. This ring, however, is perfect, because again, it’s designed to be stacked, so it fits together easily and can be switched from finger to finger. Even the bracelets and necklaces in the Essence collection can be paired in different ways to make them appear uniquely your own.

Above all, what I love the most about the Entwined Bands Ring is that it stands out without becoming the focal point of an outfit. Whatever your jewelry preference is, update your personal collection and browse our favorite, editor-approved Essence pieces below.

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