Why Does Everyone Have an Octobuddy Stuck to Their Phones?


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Parsing your meticulously curated TikTok feed comes with guaranteed stops at the hypnotic, aspirational, sometimes ostentatious, and wholly unbridled entertainment central to the short-form app. “Get Ready With Me (GRWM)” is one, the four-word precursor to a deeply confessional sit-down style makeup tutorial; then, the quintessential “Outfit of the Day (OOTD),” sometimes documented in the middle of a busy street or maybe even “Workout With Me” breakdowns of glute day routines. What ties some of these videos together isn’t merely the thumping, viral songs du jour playing faintly in the video’s background, but a simple yet ingenious gadget suctioned to a flat surface to keep the phones securely in place during filming, whether on a mirror for makeup tutorials, on a store windowfront for a ‘fit check, or lodged on the side of a Smith machine for squat sets. Where would we be without TikTok? Better yet, where would we be without Octobuddy?

For the uninitiated, Octobuddy is the silent partner behind many viral videos on a platform where every second counts. While unlocking the formula to the TikTok algorithm may be elusive, one lesson is paramount: prioritizing quality over virality is the golden key to success. Beyond a great iPhone camera, only two items are essential to producing crisp videos: a bright LED light and a good tripod. Last year, the Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Light—aptly dubbed the Alix Earle light—sent TikTok into a tizzy, causing the Amazon bestseller to sell out repeatedly. This year, it’s the Octobuddy that’s attached to the back of every creator’s phone, including It-girl Earle, Emilie Kiser, and more. Here’s everything you need to know.

This gadget is very convenient.

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As a shy girl myself, nothing makes me shudder more than attracting stares or scoffs from strangers while filming in public. Yes, I’m an OOTD or lip combo touch-up filmer who makes a victim out of any nearby car tall enough to capture my entire look whenever I slap my Octobuddy onto its doors. In a TikTok video featuring the Octobuddy, Kiser, who commands over 2.8 million followers on the platform, underscored its practicality, asserting, “I promise this is not just a stupid little purchase. If you’re doing TikToks or you like to film in public, you need one of these because I can stick it to pretty much any surface that’s stickable.” Octobuddy features an almost glue-like film on one side that attaches to the back of your phone or case and 24 tiny little suction cups on the other that cling best to glass or mirrored surfaces, even tabletops. The hands-free gadget eliminates the need to carry any bulky extra tech in your bag when filming outside of your home, making it easier to capture content on the go.

Travelers can also make great use of the Octobuddy by sticking it to the big screen in front of their seats to watch movies or shows from their phones without fear of it falling mid-flight.

It offers an easy way to capture multiple angles quickly.

Speaking of traveling, here’s where “Day in the Life” content comes in. If you’ve ever watched your favorite creators document their lifestyle, from their morning routines to shopping excursions, you’ll notice the camera switch between different angles. Static content is boring—like photos, angles are everything. Because Octobuddys can seamlessly stick to most surfaces, it’s an easy tool to get cinematic shots in the car while driving (safely, of course). It keeps the phone steady and can quickly pop off to get in-car or outdoor views from the window, or in the gym when switching between machines without your tripod disrupting other workouts. The accessory also happens to be a sneaky and effective way to bypass strict no-filming policies.

Alternatively, you can slap two Octobuddys together to make your own version.

Nestled in between rave reviews of the mini tripod are videos showcasing this number one hack to making Octobuddy work for you, especially if having one glued to your phone isn’t ideal. Buy two Octobuddys and place the sticky sides of each one together to make a double-sided version, which can adhere to the front and back of your phone and peel off in a breeze.

As Julia Fox once said, “I know the influence, I know the impact, and I know the vibes. And the girlies love the vibes.” Indeed, the girlies love Octobuddy.

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