Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2: What We Know So Far


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For as excellent an observer as Penelope Featherington claims to be—and must be, to better gather gossip for Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers—she seemed to have missed the signs leading into Bridgerton season 3 part 1’s final episode: Colin Bridgerton is absolutely on his knees for her.

In episode 4, the man humbles himself before Miss Featherington to (at last) confess his feelings; enjoy an, uh, eventful carriage ride home; and spontaneously propose to his long-time friend and confidante. Penelope couldn’t possibly be more surprised—nay, thrilled! This is all she’s ever dreamed of! Except for the part where she’s been keeping secrets from him for years, and if he ever finds out, he’ll definitely hate her and call off the ceremony. Not an ideal footing on which to launch a marriage.

Such are the stakes leading into season 3 part 2, marking the first time Bridgerton has released its episodes in halves. Ahead, a quick look at what we can expect from the next chapter in Polin’s love story. Let’s just hope they avoid balloons from here on out. But keep the Pitbull covers coming!

When does Bridgerton season 3 part 2 come out?

Part 2 will arrive on June 13 at 3 A.M. EST, only a few weeks after part 1 dropped on May 16.

How many episodes will part 2 include?

Part 2 will include four episodes, with episode 8 as the season finale.

What will Bridgerton season 3 part 2 be about?

The Whistledown fallout is on Penelope’s doorstep. As season 3 showrunner Jess Brownell told The Hollywood Reporter this month, part 1 is “pure rom-com vibes,” but part 2 will be “a totally different world.” Brownell continued, “What you still have hanging over this couple is Penelope’s Whistledown secret and the fact that Eloise has no idea that these two have feelings for each other. So there’s going to be a real heightened amount of tension in the back half.”

But, of course, that’s not the only thread to be picked up in part 2. There’s also Francesca Bridgerton’s budding romance with the quiet but charming John Kilmartin; Queen Charlotte’s quest to best Whistledown; Violet Bridgerton’s feelings for a certain someone’s little brother; Cressida Cowper’s desperation not to marry an old man; Benedict Bridgerton’s steamy rendezvous with Lady Tilley Arnold; and (hopefully) the return of Kate and Anthony to Mayfair. That’s a lot to keep up with! Where’s Lady Whistledown when you need the TL;DR?

Why did Netflix decide to split season 3 into two parts?

Perhaps the execs were simply in a silly, goofy mood. As Brownell told, “Netflix approached us after we had finished producing the season about breaking it up,” meaning that season 3 wasn’t originally intended to have two parts. But, Brownell added, the season has a “natural break” after the initial four episodes, making the change less disruptive.

Prior to Bridgerton season 3 splitting in half, Netflix has released shows including Stranger Things, You, and The Crown in two-part segments. For these tentpole programs, the streamer can then capitalize on the longer-lasting word-of-mouth buzz that results from episodes dropping at separate times. It’s a way for Netflix to have the best of both worlds: their classic binge machine model and a weekly conversation starter. Whistledown herself might approve.

This story will be updated.

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