Benny Blanco Says He Sees Himself Marrying Selena Gomez and Starting a Family


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Benny Blanco is seriously in love with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, almost a year into dating, and he really does see them getting married, he told Howard Stern in an interview released today.

The radio host started by asking Blanco about how his and Gomez’s romance began. “It was so crazy,” Blanco recalled. “When we went out on our first date, I didn’t even know it was a date. She was like, ‘Hey, you wanna hang out?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ We go and we hang out, and I remember we were talking. And she’s like so—she’s such a forward person, and she’s like the coolest, the nicest, the sweetest, everything—and I remember sitting there, and she’s like, ‘Well, I would have worn something different for this date,’ and I was like, ‘What? We’re on a date?’ And then before I know it, we’re hanging out the next day and the next day and the next day!”

Friendship is what anchors their relationship, he added: “The way we talk and stuff, people always say this to me, ‘You know when you meet your best friend.’ She’s truly just like my best friend. We laugh all fucking day. She inspires me. I get home from work, I think I had a good day. I’m like, ‘What did you do?’ She’s like, ‘Oh, I just filmed this thing with Meryl Streep and then I went to a fundraiser and now I’m like recording—’ My day sounds like shit every day compared to hers.”

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Stern asked Blanco if kids would fit in the picture with everything they have going on. He told Stern that he wants a family very soon, actually. “That’s my next goal, to check the box [of becoming a parent.] I have a ton of god kids; I’ve got a ton of nephews. Yeah, I love being around kids.”

Stern continued by trying to gauge whether or not Blanco would propose. Blanco dodged the question initially, saying, “When I look at her, I do say, I’m always just like, ‘I don’t know a world where it could be better than this.’”

Stern said based on the way Blanco talks about Gomez, he is predicting marriage in the couple’s future. “You and me both,” Blanco agreed. When asked if he had a ring, Blanco demurred, saying, “I don’t have anything. I’ve got no shoes on. I’ve got to get my act together.”

Watch their exchange on Gomez below, where Blanco also recounts how he celebrated Valentine’s Day with her. (His gift was a very grand gesture.)

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