This 10-Minute Low-Impact Legs Workout Will Fire Up Your Lower Body


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Just 10 minutes is all Class Fitsugar trainer Nikki Nie asks of you for this legs and booty burning workout. Presented by Allegra, this low-impact session will take you through a quick circuit of lunges and squat variations that will fire up your lower body. That’s right, just because you’re doing a low-impact workout doesn’t mean you won’t feel it.

For the first round, you’ll have five moves with 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds rest. The workout dives right in with squats. “So there’s no warmup,” Nie says. “Make sure you take care of yourself; listen to your body.” After squats, you’ll move on to lunge spilts on both sides, followed by lateral lunges with a knee drive on both sides, for a total of five moves. Nie leads you through each movement, offering form tips and motivation when it starts to feel tough. “You’re doing a good job. Life is not easy and here you are showing up,” she says.

Then, in the second round, Nie kicks things up a notch. You’ll do the same five moves, but this time incorporating 50 seconds of work and just 10 seconds rest. “Let that little voice in your head be positive,” Nie says, as she heads into turbo drive, encouraging you to push through to the end. And when that doesn’t work: “use your inner warrior,” she suggests.

Follow along and check out new workouts every week on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

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