Travis Kelce Explains Why He and Taylor Swift Chose to Be in the Crowd at Coachella


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Travis Kelce kissed and told a little about his big date at Coachella on Saturday with Taylor Swift. On today’s episode of New Heights, Travis didn’t mention Swift by name, but he did give her a shout-out for wearing a New Heights baseball cap to support the podcast. He also shared why they chose to watch performers in the pit with the public, rather than from backstage.

Travis’ brother and New Heights co-host, Jason Kelce, alluded to the couple’s Coachella trip on the podcast, saying: “We know who you went with, we saw the pictures.”

Travis laughed, and then brought up the hat. “She’s supporting the New Heights.”

“Big New Heights supporter, sold out of the green hat real quick,” Jason quipped.

Travis laughed again, and said, “It’s a good, it’s a good color green.”

taylor swift and travis kelce

Gilbert Flores//Getty Images

Taylor Swift in the green New Heights hat with Travis Kelce at Coachella.

Jason also asked Travis how Coachella was different this year. Jason said that he expected the couple to be backstage with the musicians, “But it seemed like you guys were like in the crowd.”

Travis explained that he and Swift, “like to see it front from the fans’ perspective, like the people that actually like—because I am [one]…I’m a fan of the music. I’m a fan of live shows. I want to see it from the front of the stage. Yeah, we probably could’ve finessed it that way [watching backstage], but I think it’s just that much more of an experience if you’re in the pit, man. If you’re in the madness with all the fans. It was awesome though.”

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Earlier in the conversation, Travis talked about the acts he saw at this year’s show. “Man, I love live music, man. I absolutely love live music. I don’t get enough of it in my life. I really enjoy any event. I just like going to events, going places where people are seeing talents…all these talented people in the world. I just like to experience that type of shit. Like, I love experiencing new cultures. That’s the one thing that I really enjoy about Coachella is that it’s not just one genre of music; it’s everything.” He also recalled, “a couple of years ago, Danny Elfman, [the] composer, he had like a symphony playing in the desert. It was unbelievable.”

“I always, I always appreciated it, man,” Travis told Jason. “And it was fun. It was fun getting out there and seeing a few new bands that I really wasn’t that familiar with and just became an absolute lover of their music because of how they perform and how they captivated the crowd and got everybody into it. The Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff [Swift’s close friend and frequent collaborator], absolutely ripped it, and I had so much fun seeing him go nuts with the guitar, and all of his boys—he had two sax players, two drummers, two guitars—and they just ripped it, and it was so much fun. Everybody kind of had their own time on the keyboard. That was fun as hell to watch. One of my favorite bands out right now, Jungle, they absolutely killed it. They played one of my favorite songs called ‘Casio,’ and I was out there moving to that joint. Gosh, who else did I see? Oh my, how can I forget my guy Dom Dolla, one of my favorite DJs out here, man. Yeah, he absolutely kills it every single time and shows it off. It was his own set at Coachella. He did two sets. He’s also in a combined DJ group with John Summit, and they did one the day before, so I didn’t get to see that one because I was still working. But Saturday was such a fun, fun, day, man. And yeah, I love going to Coachella, man. Hopefully, I can keep going. But obviously, you know, the schedules always fill the fuck up real quick in the off season.”

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