This Bath Pillow Is Better Than a Spa


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What’s your ideal setting for some rest and relaxation? For me, it’s a warm bubble bath. The ambiance of a dark, candlelit bathroom and the sound of a running faucet help me totally unwind; it’s almost like an out-of-body experience. Throughout my life, my mom similarly dedicated her “me time” to baths, so it’s no wonder I do the same thing now. Maybe turning into your mother isn’t as bad as everyone says…

I have a distinct memory of my mom’s singular gripe with her bathtime: You can only get so comfortable. There’s a dissonance between the warm, swirling waters and the cold, hard porcelain tub. The form factor is seriously unforgiving, don’t you agree? We’ve all tried to innovate with the rolledup towel under our neck or the “waterproof cushions” reliant on suction cups that somehow make everything worse. I, like any true bath lover, can confidently say these items do not work.

Badesofa Seat Bath Pillow

Seat Bath Pillow

Badesofa Seat Bath Pillow

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Luckily for all of us, I found the fix—and just in time for Mother’s Day. I first tried the Badesofa bath pillow last fall, and I’ve come to love it so much that I just had to share it with the internet. Sustainably made in three sizes, the unique cushion is specifically designed for the bath. The outer fabric is engineered to prevent waterlogging and is compatible with bath salts and oils, so you don’t have to skip out on your favorite aromatherapy. It can be used as a rest for your head, back, seat, feet, and even on a shower bench. Although there are plenty of alleged bath pillows on the market, this one stands far above the rest, I promise.

When I first unboxed my pillow, I was perplexed. I’m supposed to put this in the tub…as if it were a bed? How does this even work? I went with it anyway, plopping the pillow in, drawing the bath, and adding my bubbles. As soon as my back touched down on the plush cushion, I was changed. So comfortable, practical, and splendidly buoyant, my only issue was: How could I ever get out of the tub? This was the Best Bath of All Time.

Now, all of my baths are of this caliber, thanks to my Badesofa. Oh, and did I mention it’s washable, too? With Mother’s Day around the corner, there’s no question in my mind about what to gift. This item could not be more perfect for the occasion. If I can give you a piece of advice, it’s to buy your mom—and yourself—one of these pillows.

[Editor’s note: I got my own mother one after working with Isabelle on this story, and I’ve received multiple emphatic text messages exalting how wonderful it is. And my mom is hard to impress; I should know…—Meg Donohue, associate fashion commerce editor]

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