When Will Immaculate Be Streaming Online?


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Sydney Sweeney is starring in and producing NEON’s latest horror movie, Immaculate. The film follows Sweeney as an American nun, Sister Cecilia, who moves to the Italian countryside to join a convent. During her stay, she discovers that the nunnery is not what she thought it would be, and it harbors some sinister secrets. Everything changes when Cecilia, who is a virgin, falls pregnant.

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Immaculate shows Sweeney in a role that’s far different from her most well known ones, like Cassie in the drama series Euphoria or Bea in the rom-com Anyone But You. It really shows off her acting skills, with her delivering a gut-wrenching, top-of-her-lungs horror movie scream while her face is covered in blood. This isn’t a movie that Sweeney fans want to miss.

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Immaculate made its theatrical debut on March 22, 2024. Ahead is everything you need to know about how and where to watch the religious horror film.

When does Immaculate start streaming online?

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The indie film company that produced Immaculate, NEON, has a deal in place with Hulu, so the movie will eventually be streaming exclusively on that platform. However, NEON has yet to announce a streaming date.

One of the last films that NEON put out, It Lives Inside, debuted in theaters on Sept. 22, 2023, and it landed on Hulu three months later, on December 29. So, with that pattern in mind, Immaculate will hopefully be streamable by the end of June. But of course that depends on the individual film. Another NEON film, the Best Picture nominee Anatomy of a Fall, was released in theaters in the U.S. in October 2023 but didn’t hit Hulu until this month.

Where else can I watch Immaculate?

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As of April 16, Immaculate is available to rent and stream online on platforms like Prime Video, Apple TV, and YouTube Movies.

If you want to see it on the big screen, Immaculate is also still playing in theaters.

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