I Tried Ritual’s New Stress Relief Supplement, and It Chilled Me Out


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Ritual Stress Relief

My morning routine sets the tone for the rest of my day. I love slow, peaceful mornings where I can read a bit, work out, and eat a good breakfast. But thanks to some tough-to-break habits, not every morning looks like that. Most days, I still wake up and immediately check my email (bad, I know) — and that’s when the stress creeps in. It usually fades once I get to the rest of my routine, but some days it lingers. So when I heard about the new Ritual Stress Relief supplements ($54), which are designed to help offset the effects of stress, I was immediately intrigued.

According to Ritual, the Stress Relief supplement “supports the body’s natural cortisol response” for “all-day support” with the help of three clinically studied ingredients: ashwagandha, L-theanine, and saffron. When I saw that the brand developed the supplement to combat stress throughout the day (aka target that lingering stress), I was all in. I decided to put Ritual Stress Relief through a two-week trial to see if the capsule would not only give me a sense of calm in the morning, but keep stress at bay as the day went on.

Read ahead for my honest review of Ritual Stress Relief, what to consider before taking the supplement, and where to find it.

Ritual Stress Relief

What I Like About Ritual Stress Relief

First and foremost, I liked how easy it was to incorporate Ritual Stress Relief into my routine. The brand recommends taking the dietary supplement in the morning, so the capsule easily fit into my existing vitamin lineup. Compared to the supplements I already took, I was happy to find that Ritual Stress Relief had a pleasant citrusy essence I could smell and taste right away. And thanks to the capsule’s literal three-in-one design, it was easy to see the three components of the supplement.

Throughout my two-week test, I immediately noticed that I felt more at ease upon taking Stress Relief in the morning. It helped put me in a calmer headspace that allowed me to slow down and look at the day ahead without being overwhelmed by my to-do list. According to Ritual, their supplement also uses their unique BioSeries technology, which allows for extended release of the formula throughout the day. This likely explains why I found it was easier to stay in that calmer, more positive mindset throughout the day while taking the supplement — notably without feeling drowsy, which I’ve experienced with stress-relief teas and powders in the past.

After 14 days of consistent use, I did find that Ritual’s new supplement put me in a better headspace in the morning and helped keep any lingering stress at bay well into the afternoon. Obviously you don’t have to take the stress-relief supplement every morning, but I definitely noticed the effects of the supplement after using it that way. In the future, I could also see myself using them as needed for days that I expect will be more stressful.

What to Consider Before Trying Ritual Stress Relief

While researching the ingredients in the supplement, I found studies that have shown that ashwagandha can help with stress and anxiety — but there aren’t sufficient studies on the safety of using it long-term. It is also not advised that people who are pregnant or nursing take ashwagandha. In looking at L-theanine, a 2019 study showed that stress-related symptoms decreased after taking it for a month. And finally, a study on saffron showed that it could affect mood positively and help reduce the effects of anxiety and stress. However, UCLA Health physicians mentioned in this article that supplements that contain adaptogens, like ashwagandha, can interact with your medications and are not regulated by the FDA. So before adding any new supplements to your routine, it is important to consult with your doctor.

I will also note that many studies test against a placebo — and while I personally could feel the difference after taking Stress Relief, part of its effectiveness could be that taking the capsule put me in a better mood and mindset simply by taking it. The mind is a powerful thing!

Who Ritual Stress Relief Is Best For

If you’re looking for a way to combat stress in the morning and throughout your day, Ritual Stress Relief could be a good fit for you. However, it is recommended you speak with your doctor before taking any new supplements.

Additional Details About Ritual Stress Relief

  • Each bottle of Ritual Stress Relief contains 30 capsules.
  • Stress Relief uses traceable ingredients like Shoden ashwagandha, Suntheanine L-theanine, and Affron saffron, which have been clinically shown to reduce stress.
  • The supplement is also gluten-free, soy-free, major-allergen-free, and vegan, and it’s been third-party tested for heavy metals and microbes.

Where Is Ritual Stress Relief Available?

Ritual Stress Relief is available for purchase at Ritual.com.


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