This Spring Green Workout Set Is So Much More Fun Than Plain Black


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Walk into any group fitness class, and odds are you’ll see at least a few people wearing the Fitness Uniform (TM): plain black leggings and a longline sports bra. It’s a classic for a reason — dark colors don’t show sweat, and everyone looks good in black — but it can be a bit boring.

As someone who works out five or more times per week, I like a workout wardrobe that’s as varied and colorful as my everyday outfits. When I got the chance to test Draper James Sport activewear, I couldn’t volunteer fast enough. The Reese Witherspoon-owned brand takes inspiration from Southern fashion and favors bright colors and dainty prints. Plus, POPSUGAR editors have tested and loved other products from the Reese Witherspoon-founded brand (see: this Draper James review), so I had a hunch I’d like them too.

I opted for a kelly green set with floral accents — the Draper James Sport Wildflower Panel Leggings ($95) and the Draper James Sport Crossback Sports Bra ($65) — to channel a bit of spring in mid-winter. Keep reading for my full review of Draper James Sport activewear, including how both products stack up to the best leggings and best sports bras in my closet. But spoiler: next time I’m wondering what to wear to barre class, this peppy set will definitely be in my rotation.

What’s the Criteria for a Good Workout Set?

This may be a controversial take, but I like plenty of variety in my gym outfits. While some gym girlies might be content with buying five of their favorite leggings, I need options. I might want more compressive leggings and a no-bounce sports bra for strength training or running a few days a week, then switch into some stretchier, softer leggings and a light support sports bra for yoga, Pilates, or active recovery days.

In this case, I was specifically looking to fill a hole in my workout wardrobe: a cute coordinated set that I could wear for low-impact workouts like yoga and Pilates that felt comfortable, but not compressive. I tested this workout set for both lounging around the house and a vinyasa yoga sequence at my local studio.

What I Like About Draper James Sport Activewear

I have to start this review by mentioning the vibrant colors and patterns. Just looking at this workout set puts a smile on my face. I opted for a mix-and-match look, pairing a wildflower-patterned sports bra with kelly green leggings that have racing stripes in the same floral pattern running down the sides. Just slipping on this outfit made me excited to get a workout in.

The nylon-spandex blend fabric also makes both pieces supremely comfortable. The material is both smooth and soft, hugging my body without cutting into my sides or the tops of my shoulders. While neither piece is compressive, both the sports bra and leggings stayed in place during an hour-long yoga flow without any adjusting. I also wore the outfit with a sweatshirt for a work-from-home day, and felt equally comfortable running errands and going for a midday walk.

What to Consider Before Trying Draper James Sport Activewear

At 5’9, I’m on the taller side, so these leggings hit me mid-shin rather than at the ankle. I didn’t particularly mind — in fact, I have several capri-length pairs of leggings in my rotation — but other tall people might want to consider that these leggings only come in one inseam length (23.5 inches). Similarly, the crossback sports bra isn’t adjustable. I ordered my typical size and found that it fit me well, but that could be tricky for someone who didn’t easily fit standard sizes.

Both the leggings and sports bra provide only offer light support, so I’d recommend them for lower-impact activities like walking, yoga, Pilates, or stretching. This isn’t a compressive set, so it’s probably not the right choice for more intense activity like HIIT, long runs, or weightlifting. If you’re typically between sizes and want more support, you could try sizing down.

Who Draper James Sport Activewear Is Best For

Because of the shorter inseam leggings and non-adjustable sports bra design, I’d recommend Draper James Sport activewear for shorter people who can typically shop standard sizes. If you usually need to adjust the straps on your sports bras to fit you properly, this particular model might not be right for you.

Draper James Sport activewear is also best for anyone who regularly does lower-impact workouts like yoga and Pilates, rather than workouts with a lot of jumping or running involved. Although the brand does have a few options in neutral tones, it’s really known for a vibrant color palette — so loving color and pattern is also a must.

Additional Details About Draper James Sport Activewear

Where Is Draper James Sport Activewear Available

You can order Draper James Sport gear on the brand’s website, or visit one of the three Draper James locations in the U.S.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Annalise Mantz; Draper James

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