What Happened Between Jeramey, Laura, and Sarah Ann on Love Is Blind Season 6?


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The sixth season of Love Is Blind has provided viewers with a plethora of surprises, from unexpected conversations about birth control to comparisons to Megan Fox and some truly eye-opening arguments. But one of the most shocking developments this season is the love triangle between Jeramey, Laura, and Sarah Ann.

Here’s what you need to know about the complicated relationship between Jeramey, his fiancée, and the woman he dumped in the pods.

Jeramey proposed to Laura in the pods.

While they were in the pods, Jeramey hit it off with two women: Laura and Sarah Ann. During episode 2, Jeramey revealed that he had recently sold a house and was now living in renting accommodation. He even told Sarah Ann that he didn’t want to buy a house until he’d met the person he was going to marry, so that they could choose a new space together.

Despite seemingly having strong connections with both women, Jeramey made the decision to propose to Laura in the pods. Breaking up with Sarah Ann in episode 5, Jeramey told her, “I don’t have any, like, negative things to say about what we have had.” He continued, “Literally. Like I think you are an amazing person.” He also revealed that there wasn’t one particular reason why he’d chosen Laura, which led Sarah Ann to tell him, “I will say that I feel a little foolish.” She also expressed her surprise, suggesting she believed that he would be proposing to her.

Sarah Ann and Jeramey left their breakup amicably, vowing to see each other in person at some point in the future. Sarah Ann was also gracious to Laura, telling her she was excited to see people coupling up, even if it hadn’t worked out for her. During a confessional, Jeramey explained, “Laura is, like, my forever person.” He subsequently proposed to her, and she accepted.

Sarah Ann sent Jeramey a suggestive DM.

In the real world, Jeramey and Laura appeared to be building a solid, romantic relationship, despite some disagreements about Hawaiian shirts and Jeramey’s confrontational behavior on vacation. However, episode 9 made it clear that Sarah Ann wasn’t completely out of their lives just yet.

love is blind sarah in episode 605 of love is blind cr courtesy of netflix


During a conversation with Laura’s family, it was revealed that Sarah Ann had sent Jeramey a DM on Instagram. According to Laura, the message said, “If you’re not sure about your choice, I would appreciate meeting up with you.” Jeramey claimed that he didn’t reply to the message, but he did heart it, and Laura would later reveal that he’d started following his ex on Instagram.

Jeramey met Sarah Ann at a bar and got caught in a lie.

At the end of episode 9, it became clear that there was trouble in paradise between Laura and Jeramey. An awkward conversation ensued, with Jeramey initially wearing a pair of sunglasses indoors, which he removed at Laura’s behest. Laura revealed that Jeramey was “out ’til five-something in the fucking morning,” and she demanded to know where he’d been. Jeramey claimed that another guy from the pods had texted to tell him that Sarah Ann was out, so he went to meet them at a bar.

After learning that Sarah Ann was allegedly upset about the Love Is Blind process, Jeramey decided to have a conversation with his ex. “We hung back, and we talked about things,” he told Laura. Understandably suspicious about what might have occurred, Laura quizzed Jeramey about his decision to “talk” with Sarah Ann until the early morning. “This shit’s adding up,” she told him. She then blamed him for not responding “appropriately” to Sarah Ann when she sent him a DM. “You must have left the door at least a little bit cracked open for her to think it was even remotely appropriate to reach out to you,” Laura said.

Jeramey defended himself by telling Laura that he’d shared his location with her for added reassurance. However, Laura pointed out that it was not so reassuring to have to track her partner, particularly in the middle of the night. She then revealed that Jeramey hadn’t even texted her to let her know his plans: “Oh, but you shared your location, so I’m supposed to be good.”

Doubling down on his lie, Jeramey claimed that he’d been in the bar’s parking lot the entire time. Unfortunately for him, Laura knew better, telling him, “Don’t share your fucking location if you don’t want me to check it,” before revealing that Jeramey had been “north of Uptown, which is where Sarah Ann lives.” Laura walked away from the conversation, while Jeramey reached for his phone.

Everything was revealed at a group barbecue.

A group of Love Is Blind contestants gathered at a barbecue, which was shown in episodes 10 and 11. Speaking to AD, Chelsea, and Amy, Laura discussed Jeramey’s claim that he’d spent an entire night talking with Sarah Ann. “When you propose to somebody, you are making confirmation that you’re going to protect their heart,” she explained, after calling Sarah Ann “selfish” and “immature.” She also revealed that Jeramey hadn’t reached out to her at all following their heated discussion, leading her to believe that he never loved her: “I think he has feelings for Sarah Ann he doesn’t know how to process.”

In conversation with Johnny and Jimmy, Jeramey claimed that he’d try to send Laura flowers, but she’d rejected them. He also suggested that Laura had been standoffish with him via text, and he decided that he didn’t want to fight for their relationship. Instead of expressing any sort of contrition for the way his actions may have hurt his fiancée, Jeramey seemed to suggest that Laura was at fault.

love is blind l to r jeramey, sarah in season 6 of love is blind cr courtesy of netflix


At the barbecue, Jeramey and Laura decided to have a conversation about their relationship, but it didn’t go well. Laura called Jeramey a “con artist” who had “feelings for another person.” She also alleged that he didn’t take responsibility for his actions until several days afterwards. The conversation ended abruptly with Laura telling Jeramey to “kick rocks with open-toed shoes.”

To make matters worse, Sarah Ann also attended the barbecue, and for some reason, Jeramey thought it would be a good idea to have a private conversation with her. Sarah Ann quickly got tearful claiming that she wasn’t a home wrecker, and explaining that she wasn’t sorry for sending a DM to Jeramey. He responded by telling her, “I made the wrong decision in the pods, and I think you know that at this point.” Sarah Ann looked elated about this declaration. The pair decided it was appropriate to ride jet skis together while their fellow castmates, including Laura, watched.

So, are Jeramey and Sarah Ann a couple?

While it’s unclear if Jeramey and Sarah Ann decided to date after his split from Laura, some eagle-eyed Redditors have been examining the evidence.

User @laurenjklm noted the fact that Jeramey appeared to be wearing an Apple watch on the show, which might explain why he seemingly didn’t realize that his location didn’t appear in the bar’s parking lot. Per the thread, if a person leaves their phone somewhere (such as their car), but is still wearing their Apple watch, the watch will give their current location. Could Jeramey have been at Sarah Ann’s house when Laura checked his location?

Meanwhile, user @AllergicToYahtzee collated all of the evidence suggesting that Jeramey was “messy.” They pointed out that Sarah Ann reportedly shared a selfie on February 9, 2024, which appeared to have been taken in Jeramey’s bedroom. They also explored social media posts claiming that Jeramey was engaged and living with someone prior to going on the show. He has since claimed that casting didn’t begin until he was already single. Whatever the truth of the matter is, it’s clear that viewers are in for one hell of a reunion.

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