All About Jeremy Strong’s Wife, Emma Wall


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The Succession character Kendall Roy is not exactly any woman’s dream guy, but actor Jeremy Strong is definitely a real-life family man. Strong has been married to his wife Emma Wall for seven years, and they share three children together.

Here’s everything to know about Jeremy Strong’s wife, Emma Wall.

Who is Emma Wall?

Wall hails from Denmark and works primarily as a child psychiatrist. She received her B.A. from Brown University and then attended Oxford University Medical School, followed by a fellowship and residency at Columbia University and Cornell University. Wall stays off social media, but she has worked for the foster care system in Los Angeles and at UCLA as a clinician and teacher.

If that weren’t enough, Wall is the co-founder of Guest House Productions, and co-directed Guerilla Habeas, which premiered in 2023 on MSNBC’s The Turning Point doc series. The documentary follows two lawyers defending immigrants from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) .

“We started on this film at a time when I think so many of us were really appalled by what was happening in the immigration system,” she told Deadline. “So we started this in the beginning of 2019, following the Muslim ban, following Trump’s zero-tolerance policy that was separating families at the border. And we—as so many people, I think, in this country—were feeling incredibly helpless and hopeless. It felt like these grave injustices, these human rights violations, and we didn’t know what to do about it.”

How did Wall and Strong meet?

In 2012, the pair were invited to the same party during Hurricane Sandy, according toThe Guardian. They dated for four years and were married in 2016 at an actual castle in Denmark called Dragsholm Slot, built in 1215. They have homes in both Brooklyn and Copenhagen, buying the latter property during COVID-19 lockdown as a getaway.

“I love Denmark. I find it a very sane and gentle place. It feels like a refuge for me,” Strong has said. “It’s great to have somewhere that’s a docking station after all this work, which I find very enervating and scary and stressful.”

Does Jeremy Strong have children with Emma Wall?

The couple welcomed their first child, Ingrid, in 2018. They have two more kids, Clara, who was born in 2019, and a third baby born in 2021 whose name has not yet been revealed. Wall told The New Yorker that her husband is great at showing up to be a dad despite the demands of his work.

“He does a really good job of maintaining what he’s doing, but also creating a space for the family and a normal life,” she said.

In 2019, Strong told GQ that becoming a parent was very stabilizing.

“My life has changed a lot in the sense that there’s some sort of stable center,” he said. “I never had that before—I was always just kind of a transient, and work was the only thing. And that feels different now, in a very good way. There’s something to come home to.”

Strong popped into The Late Late Show With James Corden in October 2020 via Zoom, and shared a necklace he explained represented his girls.

“On the back is my daughter’s footprint,” he said. “And then my other daughter, I’ve got a bell. Her name is Clara, and the bell felt sort of clear and shining and bright, which is what her name means.”

Wall supported Strong at the 72nd Emmy Awards, where he won Outstanding Lead Actor.

While the 2020 Emmys had to be virtual because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that didn’t stop Wall from supporting her husband and his big win. When Strong was announced as Best Lead Actor for his role in Succession, an eruption of cheer could be heard from another room in his house. Then, Wall’s arm entered the camera frame, handing him a trophy. He grabbed the award before they shared a kiss on the lips.

“I’ve gotta thank some people who have been there for me and believed in me when something like this felt basically impossible,” Strong said in his acceptance speech, going on to name a list of people special to him. He looked off camera and smiled when thanked his “wife Emma.”

They attended the 2023 Met Gala together.

On May 1, Strong and Wall walked the red carpet of the Met Gala together. Wall looked elegant in a sleek long-sleeve gown with a layered silver and gold necklace. Strong opted for a ruffled, turquoise shirt with a green necklace underneath a brown Prada jacket.

the 2023 met gala celebrating karl lagerfeld a line of beauty arrivals

Jeff Kravitz//Getty Images

In September 2023, they made a public appearance at The Albies.

The second annual Albies, hosted by the Clooney Foundation for Justice at the New York Public Library, was the perfect red carpet occasion for the fashionable couple to make an appearance. Wall wore a form-fitting black gown with lace sleeves and collar detail, and Strong wore a Versace tux and bowtie.

clooney foundation for justice's the albies

Lexie Moreland//Getty Images

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