This 30-Minute Dumbbell and Bands Workout Makes For the Best Leg Day


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If your leg day is feeling a little bit stale, shake things up with this fiery lower-body workout. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band to help you get warmed up (but it’s still effective if all you have is your own bodyweight). Fitness instructor Jayen Wells leads you through this sweaty 30-minute routine designed to strengthen your entire lower body, featuring various rounds of weighted squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

You’ll start by activating the glutes with a warmup consisting of banded squats and leg raises. From here, you’ll get your heart rate up even further with some jumping jacks before shedding the resistance band for dumbbell squats. Wells reminds you not to collapse your knees at the bottom of the squat, keeping proper form to get the most out of your lower-body burn. The next block of exercises keeps the focus on the glutes with weighted bridges, lateral lunges, and a squat with some added cardio. “It’s always good to end with a cute little metabolic burn,” Wells says.

Finish off strong with single-leg deadlifts, pulsing sumo squats, and jumping lizard lunges. Although this session primarily works the legs and glutes, you’ll still engage your core and upper body for a full-body experience. Follow along and check out new workouts every week on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel. Kick-start your workout routine with POPSUGAR’s new line of affordable fitness equipment available at Walmart. Here’s to working toward a happy, healthy you.

Name: Jayen Wells
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