Will Mr. & Mrs. Smith Get Renewed for Season 2?


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Spoilers for Mr. & Mrs. Smith below.

The world was perhaps a little hesitant when word first broke that Donald Glover, the mind behind Atlanta, Swarm, and the musical persona Childish Gambino, was going to recreate Brangelina’s famous action-rom-com Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But now that it’s finally here, we’re hooked.

Starring Glover (who’s also an executive producer) and Maya Erskine of Pen15, the eight-episode series follows two strangers-turned-spies recruited to work for a secret agency, while posing as a married couple. The saga follows not only their string of high-risk missions around the world, but also the evolution of their very real romance. With some episodes directed by Hiro Murai (Atlanta, The Bear) and Amy Seimetz (The Girlfriend Experience), the series gives an intimate, relatable portrayal of a relationship, from the awkward first date, to petty fights, to sexual banter, to how work can affect a couple’s power dynamics.

With the entire first season now streaming on Prime Video, viewers are surely anxious to hear what’s next for the Smiths, especially after that explosive finale. Here’s what we know so far.

Has Mr. & Mrs. Smith been renewed for season 2?

Amazon Studios hasn’t announced a renewal yet, and Glover and the team haven’t addressed whether there are plans to expand the series beyond the first season. We’ll just have to keep watch for updates now that the show is out in the world.

The series’ arrival was a long time coming, first being announced in 2021 with Phoebe Waller-Bridge attached to play Jane. A year later, Erskine officially replaced the Fleabag creator in the role. Almost two years after that, Mr. & Mrs. Smith finally premiered. Hopefully the next potential season won’t require as long of a wait.

Who will be in the cast?

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine would have to return, depending on how the events of the season 1 finale panned out.

Season 1 featured a number of celebrity cameos, including Alexander Skarsgård, Ron Perlman, Parker Posey, Mikaela Coel, Sarah Paulson, and Paul Dano. It’s unclear if some will return next season, though it would be exciting to see what other stars they could bring in.

Most importantly, could Beverly Glover (Donald’s actual mom) reprise her role as John’s mother?

What will season 2 be about?

(Reminder: spoiler warning!) Season 1 ends on a major cliffhanger regarding John and Jane’s status. Most of the finale has them chasing each other around New York City, trying to “terminate” the other, which culminates in a shootout in their gorgeous brownstone. While a dose of truth serum has them forming an emotional truce, their vulnerable confessions are cut short with the arrival of the Other John and Jane Smith sent to kill them both. The confrontation results in Other John dying and our John getting shot in the stomach, holding on for dear life with Jane in the panic room while Other Jane waits outside to kill them. The final scene is depicted from outside the building, with guns flashing inside the apartment window. When the credits start rolling, it’s unclear who, if anyone, made it out alive.

But there is one important detail to note: Before the final shootout, Jane revealed in the panic room that she only had one bullet left. John had none. Yet the closing shot shows three flashes in the window. If Jane fired once, did Other Jane shoot her twice? Or did Other Jane fire one shot at Jane another at John? Or did she fire all three shots, killing them both? Considering the math, things are not looking good for our John and Jane, especially considering the episode is titled “A Breakup” after all.

Still, is there a possibility that John and Jane survived? Will they continue with their jobs and eventually try to raise a kid? Could Jane’s father even make an appearance in the future? And if the couple did indeed meet their demise, could the series become an anthology, introducing another Mr. and Mrs. Smith next season? If the show gets renewed, it has a lot of questions to potentially answer.

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