TikTok’s Tinx Fills Us In on Her Current Wellness Routine: “I Literally Live to Walk”


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Christina Najjar first started sharing advice on TikTok under the nickname “Tinx” back in 2020; her candid delivery quickly earning her the title of “the Internet’s Big Sister.” Through relatable humor, personal experience, and a rare willingness to post when life doesn’t look perfect, she teaches her followers how to enjoy smarter, more well-rounded lives. In 2024 — having described her life as something of an emotional rollercoaster — she’s taking a step back and learning how to follow her own advice.

“Something that really helps me is the idea that nothing lasts forever, the good times or the bad,” she tells POPSUGAR. “If you’re going through a down period, it will end, and if you’re going through an up period, stay grateful because it will not last forever.” Mindful habits like journaling and manifestation are parts of her wellness routine that allow her to cultivate gratitude and enjoy the “up” moments.

“I think that if I could recommend one thing to everybody, I would really recommend journaling,” she says (specifically the Five Minute Journal — because “who has more time than that?”). Tinx is also bringing her hot girl walks into the 2024, listing them as one of her many obsessions. “I literally live to walk,” she says. “It’s kind of my form of meditation.”

“Nothing lasts forever, the good times or the bad.”

Still, while her tried-and-true favorites reign supreme, the resident queen of advice has a few newer wellness recommendations too. At the top of her list: cold plunging. “I try to do four times a week,” she tells POPSUGAR. “It’s definitely hard getting in, but once you do it, it’s such a dream.” Weightlifting is also new to the 33-year-old influencer, who admits she’s not completely sold just yet. “I was reading that it was really important for women to do strength training as they get older, and, listen — I’m going to be so real — it is not my vibe yet,” she says. “I’ve never really gotten into that before, so it’s definitely a new thing for me, but we’ll try.”

Apart from the latest wellness trends, there’s some things Tinx just wants to improve upon — like her eating habits. Her new partnership with EVOLVED Chocolate is a perfect example of this, satisfying her snack cravings with ethically sourced, organic ingredients, over the heavily processed foods she’s trying to enjoy in moderation. Her own dairy-free raspberry almond butter flavor is sweetened with organic monk fruit extract instead of regular sugar, plus cacao butter and organic almonds instead of peanut butter.

“I think when you can make those healthy swaps, it really does add up,” Tinx says, noting that she’s also in the midst of swapping soda for iced tea (the pineapple and mango flavor from Saint James is her favorite, in case you were wondering). “Instead of thinking about what you’re not having, think about what you’re adding: extra vitamins, more water, this and that, healthy chocolate swap, whatever it is,” she says.

Beyond nutrition, Tinx has plans to improve her sleep schedule and screen time. “I’m trying to get more sleep this year. That’s one of my resolutions is to just put down TikTok, and go to bed,” she says. With over 1.5 million followers on TikTok alone, this is sometimes easier said than done. “I’m addicted to my phone,” she admits. “I’m embarrassed for my screen time.” I’m like, ‘Do I have a life or do I spend the entire day on my phone?'”

In the coming months, Tinx is looking forward to what 2024 has in store. There’s always room for growth, but in general, she’s most focused on treating herself with more care and kindness. “I think we all slip into negative self-talk, so I’m really trying to do less of that this year,” she says — a message she’s spread to her followers for years now.

“You only have one body, so treat it like a temple. Whatever you need. If you need more sleep, if you need to get a massage, if you need to rest one day — listen to your body and take care of it and feed it good food and love it. Just love it.”

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