This Full-Body Yoga Flow Will Help You Cultivate Kindness and Empathy


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Take a moment to re-center yourself with a quick full-body yoga flow perfect for beginners. Presented by Athleta, this 10-minute sequence is ideal for anyone wanting to slow down, clear out negative energy, and find peace. Yoga and meditation instructor, Nikki Nie, leads you through this relaxing session using visualization techniques to guide you toward a clearer mindset. “This practice is a great way to ground yourself and connect to the present moment and your intuition and empathy,” Nie says.

You’ll start with some calming breathwork, directing energy away from any scattered thoughts. Using this deep breath, you’ll work through poses like chair, crescent lunge, and Warrior 3. “A lot of times when we feel ungrounded, it’s because we’re in a rush, we’re in a hurry,” Nie says, encouraging you to move with intention and notice the subtle energetic work at play. “The more that you can feel really connected to your breath, slow the mind down, and feel it really in your body, the more that you’ll be able to have that empathy for other people in your life,” she adds. This type of mindfulness gives you the space to be kinder to yourself as well.

Throughout the class, Nie uses positive affirmations to encourage self-care and connection, inspiring you to focus on patience and kindness. As the flow comes to an end, you’ll engage your core in boat pose and activate the glutes with a few dynamic bridges. Get grounded with this peaceful yoga practice, and don’t miss new episodes of Breathe Fitsugar on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

Name: Nikki Nie
Outfit: Athleta
Instagram: @nikki_nie_

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios

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