This Free Wall Pilates Workout Will Test Every Muscle In Your Body


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Wall Pilates Workout For Beginners

Image Source: Courtesy of Callie Jardine

Bare-minimum Mondays” is one of the latest trends on TikTok, and it’s more than just one day of “quiet quitting.” The movement encourages a soft, slow start to the week rather than coming out of your weekend with an exhausting vengeance. If you’re on board and looking for a chill workout routine for your bare-minimum Mondays — or just a beginner-friendly Pilates routine you can do at home — you’ve met your match with wall Pilates.

“Wall Pilates is a great full-body, low-impact workout that is safe for all fitness levels and will help with stability, balance, strength, and control,” says Callie Jardine, certified Pilates instructor and creator of Sweaty Studio. (It’s also gained traction as one of TikTok’s newest obsessions.)

Wall Pilates is one of many ways to mimic reformer Pilates at home. “The wall is meant to mimic a foot bar of the reformer machine and will spice up your mat Pilates routine,” Jardine explains. “Because your feet are typically elevated during this workout, you may experience increased circulation, improved digestion/sleep, and reduce muscle cramps, which is a vibe!” Not to mention, you’ll get all the benefits of a Pilates practice, in general.

Now sure how, exactly, to do Pilates on a wall? That’s where Jardine comes in, with this 15-minute beginner-friendly wall Pilates workout. You can stream the entire follow-along routine from her YouTube channel below, or keep scrolling for a breakdown of every single move.

15-Minute Wall Pilates Workout

Equipment needed: a yoga or Pilates mat and wall

How it works: Warm up with some Cat-Cow and Thread-the-Needle stretch. Progress through the five wall Pilates exercises ahead, doing the designated number of reps for each move. Once you’ve completed all five exercises, repeat the circuit one or two more times. “Modify as needed and make sure to listen to your body!” Jardine encourages. “If you need to take a break, that’s totally fine! Just hop right back in.”

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