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I’m a water bottle girlie through and through, and have been for my entire life. Everywhere I go, I have to have water with me. Some would call it a commitment to hydration and others would call it having an emotional support water bottle — and both would be correct.

Safe to say, I’ve tried my fair share of water bottles (insulated, time stamped, standard size, full gallon, built-in straw, chug caps, etc.) and have established some *personal opinions* on what makes a “good” water bottle. So when I saw everyone on my TikTok feed raving over the new BrüMate water bottle, I knew I had to try it.

What the BrüMate Is


We realize we’re a little late to the hot, new water bottle party — but we still wanted to give the BrüMate Era (aka the internet’s favorite Stanley dupe) a shot. Does it live up to the hype? Read Jordan’s full review at the link in bio. #BruMate #StanleyTumbler #EmotionalSupportWaterBottle #ProductReview

♬ Calm LoFi song(882353) – S_R

BrüMate makes several different types of drinkware, including tumblers and bottles. I decided to opt for the version I was seeing all over TikTok, the 40-ounce Era, and selected the Onyx Leopard black-on-black pattern since that matched my vibe best.

The Era tumbler is large, with a wide mouth, a tapered bottom, and a straw. But where it really stands out from the various TikTok-famous water bottles we’ve heard so much about is that it touts itself as “totally leakproof.” The bottle has a “Ü-Turn™ lid” that easily seals the straw to avoid any accidental spillage. As someone with questionable spatial awareness and three dogs, that was very appealing to me.

Other things the bottle boasts: a metal straw for less plastic in your water, insulated technology to keep drinks cold for 24-plus hours, and a cupholder-friendly base. So these were the four criteria I would pay attention to as I swapped out my most recent go-to bottle for the BrüMate.

What I Like About the BrüMate Water Bottle

Finally, my new bottle arrived in the mail and I had to start testing it right away. First order of business? I filled it up and flipped it over, of course. Lo and behold, after I sealed the lid, the bottle didn’t spill a single drop of water despite being completely full.

But spoiler alert: I was too lazy to seal and unseal the Ü-Turn lid, which seals the straw to spill-proof the bottle, throughout my day. One of the things my water bottles must be is easy to use, because I am constantly grabbing it for a sip and don’t want to always have to stop and flip a lid to open the straw so I can hydrate. However, even with an always-unsealed lid, I still didn’t have many spills (and trust me, I definitely knocked it over plenty). If it was completely full, a couple drops would sneak out of the straw, but in general I definitely wasn’t cleaning up any puddles, even after accidentally kicking it over at the gym. Oops.

I also really love the Era tumbler straw. This may seem like an odd thing to be passionate about, but I truly believe we drink more water through a straw than through something like a chug lid. The straw is fairly wide, so it felt like I could get a good amount of water each sip, and the top is made of silicone, so I never worried about accidentally knocking my teeth.

What’s Worth Noting About the BrüMate Water Bottle

I only have two real complaints about the BrüMate, and both are entirely personal preference. For one, I simply just prefer a bigger water bottle. Most recently, I’ve been using either half-gallon or full-gallon bottles. Call it laziness or neurodivergence, but the amount of times I have to fill a water bottle directly translates to the amount of water I will (not) drink. As in, I’m more likely to sit at my desk with an empty water bottle for hours — despite being thirsty — than I am to make multiple trips to the sink. Since my goal is 80 ounces a day (a little more than the recommended amount), bigger water bottles allow me to only have to refill maybe once a day and still always have plenty of water available to me. Great news is: BrüMate has a 65-ounce option!

My other issue is its lack of cooperation when it comes to girl physics. I am always carrying a minimum of three items in my hands, usually more, and the Era is a little bit difficult to carry when my hands are full — a very self-made problem, I know. My palms are usually occupied by more fragile things like my phone or a coffee, but the handle on the BrüMate Era is located on the side and doesn’t easily hang off a finger or two, so oftentimes I ended up carrying this bottle by pinching the silicon straw between my fingers. I know this is not the most sanitary choice and it felt as silly as it sounds, which is why I prefer a handle toward the top, like on BrüMate’s Rotera or MultiShaker.

Who Is the BrüMate Water Bottle Best For?

If you’re looking to up your water intake but being busy or clumsy is holding you back — I definitely recommend investing in the BrüMate Era. It’s easy to take everywhere with you, thanks to the slim design, and you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning spills (or even holding it upright as you run out the door).

However, if you won’t have access to a sink or water fountain throughout your day, you might want to look into something a little bigger.

Is the BrüMate Worth the Splurge?

At $44.99 to $47.99, depending on color, the 40-ounce Era is on par with other popular name-brand tumblers (like the one that shares a name with our fave, Mr. Tucci), and in my experience, the quality is on par as well. I took my BrüMate to the desert for a weekend getaway and it kept my water icy cold despite the temperature being over 100°F.

The sleek design allows it to fit seamlessly in my car’s cupholder, which is nice because previously I was using an adjustable attachment to fit my other 40- and 64-ounce bottles. Can you find similar products online for less? Yes, I’m sure. But BrüMate’s products boast sustainable materials (the lids are made from recycled water bottles!) and a lifetime warranty.

Additional Details

The BrüMate Era comes in 15 colors (!!), mostly solids, including two new ones: Prickly Pear, available now, and Mist, which is available for preorder. The Era also comes in a 30-ounce version and the Rotera I mentioned earlier comes in four sizes: 15, 25, 35, and 65 ounces. Those aren’t even their only insulated drinkware options, but I’ll save you the very long list since you can shop them all on their website.

And if you doubt my enthusiasm — I already bought myself the 65-ounce Rotera. It is my new everyday emotional-support water bottle and has already been christened with many a sticker.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jordan Shalhoub

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