Move Over Pantone. Is King Kylie Pink the New Color of the Year?


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Kylie Jenner gave everyone a taste of 2010s nostalgia with a new Instagram post on Tuesday, January 16. The multi-hyphenate entrepreneur appeared in cotton candy pink blush, a pinkish nude lip, and bubblegum pink hair to pull it all together, inspiring commenters to ask: is King Kylie back?

For the uninitiated, King Kylie refers to a time in the 2010s when the 26-year-old Jenner’s Instagram handle was @kingkylie and she was famous for turning heads on sites like Tumblr with hair colors like neon pink, royal blue, and teal ombré. Those were also the years she popularized overlined and filled lips and sold out thousands of Kylie lip kits in minutes. In other words, she was the cool girl of social media in the early 2010s, and if the internet loves anything, it’s a cool girl.

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Even Kylie seemed to allude to the bygone era with her caption, “hiiiii remember me.” Clearly, fans do remember, and they’re welcoming the royal back with arms wide open. Instagram user @femmescience_ commented, “king kylie returning is proof the earth is infact [sic] healing.”

While some speculate that the latest rosy look was a wig, others are convinced she dyed her naturally deep brown strands. Either way, we’re inspired—are we ushering in a new era of pink hair? We’re here for it! If you want to put pink tresses to the test, shop below for top-tier products and wigs that’ll help you replicate and maintain the look.

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