Taylor Swift and I Are Both Fans of This Posture-Correcting Sports Bra


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I like to think that Taylor Swift and I have a lot in common, but perhaps our biggest similarity is our height — and, relatedly, our posture. Swift stands at 5’10” or 5’11”, depending on who you ask, and as a tall girlie myself, I know all too well the temptation to slump. I suspect my own habit of sagging my shoulders started back in middle school, when I towered over all of my peers and desperately wanted to minimize my height around the (often shorter) boys I had crushes on. If only I’d known about all the ways that “short king summer” would manifest in my life later on!

Swift, too, has often been photographed with her neck and shoulders rounded forward. Is this a technique she uses to hide from paparazzi? Perhaps. Or, as some Swifties claim, is it the result of carrying the entire music industry on her back? Almost definitely.

But recently it’s seemed that Swift may have been on a mission to correct her posture, or at least recruit a little extra support while she prepared for her physically grueling Eras Tour. The pop star was photographed wearing the Forme Power Bra ($175) in rehearsals for the tour, as showcased in her Time Person of the Year interview. The so-called “posture correcting bra” is “designed to immediately improve your upper body alignment and body foundation,” according to the Forme website.

While I’m typically doubtful about the effectiveness of these sorts of posture-correcting products, Swift’s looking stronger and standing taller than ever in recent years. Although, perhaps that’s just the confidence that comes with evolving into a bonafide cultural juggernaut? Whatever it may be, I decided to test out the T. Swift-approved sports bra for myself.

How Does This Posture-Correcting Sports Bra Work?

There’s a method to the design of Forme’s Power Bra — so much so, that it’s even been FDA registered. (To be clear, that doesn’t mean it’s FDA approved — just that the product can be considered a medical device.) Per the brand, the product was designed by an orthopedic surgeon with the intent of helping his mother deal with the pain caused by compressed lungs and poor posture from cancer. It uses tension fabrics and double-fabric panels to apply pressure to key areas on your body, encouraging you to keep your shoulders pulled back and down.

While the style boasts a unique design, I found that it feels similar to a traditional sports bra. The compressive material hugs my body without being too constricting or interfering with my mobility. It also feels surprisingly breathable while on — I can comfortably wear the bra underneath a workout top or tank to the gym, and similarly feel just as confident wearing the piece on its own. The mesh, Spandex-like material of the sports bra also prevents any sweat from pooling; while wearing it, I felt cool through even my most intense workouts.

What I Like About This Posture-Correcting Sports Bra

Despite only wearing this bra for about a month, I feel like I’ve seen a real improvement in my day-to-day posture, even when I’m not wearing the sports bra — and I suspect that my alignment will likely only get better with more wear. The bra is easy to put on and fits like a glove while still allowing plenty of mobility for my arms.

I also appreciate that in addition to providing a little nudge to stand up straighter, the style also works just as well as a normal sports bra. Its wireless design is supremely comfortable and has a compressive nature that helps to keep everything pulled in and together — with no fear of slippage during an intense workout or yoga session.

It’s hard to quantify, but I suspect the bra helped improve the quality of my workouts, especially my yoga sessions or back exercises. Because the style is designed to support good posture, I feel comfortable exerting more energy in my stretches and reps; I’m not so worried about slipping into bad form.

What’s Worth Noting

This posture-correcting sports bra is just that — a sports bra. While it claims to be designed to help improve alignment, it’s by no means a cure-all for poor posture. If you’re looking for an actual fix for back pain, or even want some professional help for an ingrained slumping habit, you’d likely be better off seeing a doctor to discuss your individual case and ask about useful exercises and treatments like physical therapy. You can also ask whether a product like this might be a fit for you.

Who Is This Posture-Correcting Sports Bra Best For?

If you want a little extra back support for your workouts, this bra is a worthwhile investment. While it boasts a steeper price tag than normal sports bras, to me, the price is worth it. I’ve personally noticed an improvement in my posture, and I love the extra confidence it gives me during my usual workouts. Even if you aren’t interested in the style’s supposed posture-correcting benefits, it works great as a standalone sports bra. It’s designed with high-quality materials, and I feel confident that it’ll hold up well over time.

Where Is This Sports Bra Available to Shop?

This sports bra is available to shop exclusively at Forme.

Additional Details:

  • Forme’s Power Bra is available to shop in seven colorways, including: rose pink, sage green, classic black (my shade of choice), stone gray, white, and more.
  • Its available in US women’s sizes XS-XXL.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kyley Warren

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