Timeless Rhythms: Ai Shimatsu and Omega’s Dance of Elegance


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For those investing in a new luxury timepiece, the marriage of timeless refinement and contemporary style is no mere aspiration, but a necessity. Omega, a brand synonymous with sophistication and innovation, breaks ground in this regard with its new “Anytime. Anywhere” campaign, in collaboration with Tokyo-born ballet dancer Ai Shimatsu. Launched by Watches of Switzerland, it is a testament to the seamless blend of tradition and modernity at the core of the work of both Shimatsu and Omega.

With a career that spans continents, as well as stages shared with the highest echelon of pop icons, Shimatsu is a global symbol of grace and resilience. Her career tells a story of dedication, artistry, and a relentless pursuit of excellence—characteristics that are mirrored by the meticulous crafting of the Omega line.

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Watches of Switzerland

Such parallels are the springboard for Omega’s approach to storytelling for its latest collection, as much about narrating collectors’ diverse and vibrant lives as about showcasing these exquisite timepieces. The company has always understood that a watch is more than a timekeeping device—it’s a companion throughout its bearer’s life and all its myriad moments. As such, “Anytime. Anywhere” delves into the realms of travel, cuisine, fashion, and music, in alignment with the individualistic lifestyle of the modern watch collector.

Captured in Los Angeles during a rare pause in her bustling touring schedule, Shimatsu reflects the epitome of Omega’s ethos, her elegance in motion, commitment to her art, and journey of perseverance all resonating deeply. All this is expressed through dynamic styling moments captured in both still photography and video, with Shimatsu pictured during both periods of rest and kinetic expression of her expertly honed skills, from undulating-arm ports de bras to swift pirouettes and dynamic ronds de jambe and grand battements. These artistic poses and movements correspond with aspects of the intricacy and mesmerizing form of Omega’s line, illustrating how its watches are a part of one’s attire, but also a part of one’s story.

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The brand’s work with Shimatsu is also a celebration of creativity and collaboration. Just as the dancer’s exquisite performances are the result of her years of practice in partnership with other artists, each Omega watch is the culmination of many people’s skilled craftsmanship, innovative design, and deep understanding of the wearer’s needs. Watchmaking’s precision and elegance are connected with life’s rhythm and grace—the ultimate combination for modern collectors.

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Watches of Switzerland

Omega and Shimatsu ultimately demonstrate a shared common belief: in the power of moments, the beauty of every second, and the potential in each and every tick. This narrative honors both the watches and the lives of those who wear them, as well as anyone seeking to give or receive a treasured timepiece this holiday season and beyond. In this world, every second counts—and appreciating the luxury of time is at the heart of a well-lived life.

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