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TikTok star Alix Earle confirmed her relationship with Braxton Berrios in November 2023 after many months of rumors and sightings. They even attended the 2023 ESPY Awards together while insisting they were “not exclusive.” But the social media star now says that they’re together for real, and together to stay.

Part of the delay likely relates to rumors of infidelity on Berrios’ part—the wide receiver dated Sofia Culpo, who stars in TLC’s The Culpo Sisters. Culpo has insinuated that the NFL star cheated on her and has made several social media posts about the situation, all of which both Earle and Barrios have refuted.

Here’s everything to know about Braxton Berrios and his relationship with Alix Earle so far.

Who is Braxton Berrios?

Braxton Berrios was born in 1995, and attended high school in Raleigh, North Carolina. His career as a football star began early, and he was a quarterback at Leesville Road High School. In 2018, he was drafted by the New England Patriots, and now plays as wide receiver and return specialist for the Miami Dolphins, a contract he signed in 2023.

How long have Earle and Barrios been together?

Fans began to think Earle was in a relationship in March of 2023, when she posted one of her famous GRWM videos, sharing that she planned to make sushi for dinner with another person.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m getting ready,” Earle said. “I’m making it with someone I met the other night.”

Celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi claimed in a post that Earle was seen with Berrios soon after at a party. In May, a fan shared a TikTok video meeting Earle at a restaurant in Miami and Berrios was with her. By June, they were being seen more often, but Earle still denied in comments about Berrios that she had a boyfriend.

In November, however, they attended the 2023 ESPY Awards together, walking the red carpet and holding hands. She made a GRWM video for the event, telling fans, “Just going today as a plus-one. You guys can probably guess who I’m going with.”

But Earle finally only called him her boyfriend while on the Call Her Daddy live podcast.

Host Alex Cooper asked, “We’ve gotta ask the question and get to the tea, right here! Alix, do you have a boyfriend?”

She replied, “I mean…yes.”

Who else has Berrios dated?

Berrios was in a relationship with Sophia Culpo for two years, but in March this year the TLC star seemed to indicate she was single in several social media posts. In April, she got more specific during an Instagram Q&A session, saying she “wasn’t able to talk about this when it first happened.”

“I still don’t really have words,” she began, and that she’s “not really one to air out a bunch of dirty details.”

She did suggest there was a “betrayal” involved and added, “I don’t wish what I went through on anybody.”

Berrios responded to Culpo’s insinuations in his own Instagram Story, saying, “I don’t wanna start anything. I don’t wanna fuel anything. I genuinely want all this to be over and everybody to move on and do whatever makes them happy.”

He characterized his relationship with Culpo as “healthy,” but said things “weren’t working out” and that they split up in January.

He clarified, “It had nothing to with anybody else for that matter.”

Culpo then claimed to share “the real timeline” in a now-deleted TikTok Story.

“We broke up after the Drake concert super bowl weekend where he was seen making out with another girl,” she said. “Not bitter, in fact I know the situation has been one of my biggest blessings…I wish everyone in this situation all the best, including myself which is why I’m here to share the truth so I can finally be done with all of this. All love.”

In a September episode of the Call Her Daddy, Earle responded to the cheating rumors.

“This past summer, you were getting scrutinized on the internet. People were calling you a mistress, some people were calling you a homewrecker, in regards to the NFL player you were hooking up with,” Cooper said. “Can you confirm: Were you hooking up with him when he was in a relationship?”

Earle replied, “It is so triggering to even hear you say that…No. They were not together.”

She added that “reading these comments” about her and Berrios had her “bawling my eyes out to my friends.”

Who else has Earle dated?

Earle previously dated MLB player Tyler Wade for three months in 2022. In a December 2023 episode of the Hot Mess podcast, she said of the baseball star, “Everything that I did he s–t on. He did not support me at all, especially when it came to social media stuff. So the fact that NFL man supports me and lets me edit a video on my phone without screaming at me is pretty nice to see.”

Berrios is the unnamed “NFL man,” a nickname she has used in previous TikTok videos.

She then said she met Berrios at a Super Bowl party in Phoenix in February.

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