Leave It All in 2023 With This 30-Minute Dance Cardio Workout


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This is exactly the kind of energy we need going into 2024. Shake off any bad vibes with a fiery dance cardio workout led by trainer, dancer, and choreographer Meagan Kong. The 30-minute session is comprised of multiple short and sassy dance routines designed to engage your entire body and ensure you start the new year feeling your best — both mentally and physically. With each track, Kong breaks down a different eight count of choreography, featuring basic hip-hop movements like chest pumps, body waves, and foot work. She even sprinkles in positive affirmations for an extra boost of confidence.

The workout begins with a quick warmup, rolling the shoulders, reaching with the arms, and isolating the head, ribs, and hips. This is also where you’ll get comfortable moving to the rhythm, changing levels, and striking a pose. From here, Kong turns her attention to the lower body, practicing basic foot patterns like taps, slides, and steps to make the upcoming choreography that much easier.

Before jumping straight into the dance sequences, Kong provides a “groove move” to come back to if you ever get lost or need a moment to let your heart rate come down. When it comes to the actual choreography, expect to grapevine, hop, and spin your way through the best cardio of 2023. “It’s gonna get a little spicy,” Kong warns. About halfway through the workout, she brings the heart rate back down with a sculpting series she does herself before she steps on stage. The best part of the workout: Kong motivates you throughout the entire thing. “Powerhouse, we got it!” she shouts during the dance cardio session. Add these moves to your repertoire and check out new workouts every week on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel. Kick-start your workout routine with POPSUGAR’s new line of affordable fitness equipment available at Walmart. Here’s to working toward a happy, healthy you.

Meagan Kong
Top: Old Navy
Pants: Aritzia

Nikki Keeshin
Top: Pretty Little Thing
Shorts: ASOS

Nikita Chaundhry
Top: Lululemon
Pants: Zara

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios

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