A Look Back at the Biggest Fashion Trends of 2023


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In fashion, the best 2023 trends came in as quickly as the months flew by. Whether those trends came in the form of an aesthetic, a brand, or even a specific item, they became hot commodities—just look at Lyst’s 2023 Year of Fashion, which breaks down exactly what shoppers were hunting for this year, according to findings from its very own search data.

From the rise (and reign) of quiet luxury to the fan-favorite Adidas Sambas and the viral Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag, every end of the fashion spectrum was reached, ensuring you could find something in your budget—whatever that may be. As we look forward to 2024 with some of the best fashion, bag, and jewelry trends, it only makes sense to look back at some of this year’s biggest fashion moments. Below, I highlight eight of our favorites from the 2023 Lyst Year of Fashion report.

The Loewe Logo

loewe trend

Getty Images

This year, nothing was more synonymous with a brand than the Loewe Anagram. The distinct logo was noticeable on everything, immediately drawing one’s eye to even the simplest tank top or jeans. From designer bags and sweaters to belts, jewelry, and everything in between, the square, swirled logo quickly amassed a cult following. It’s subtle while remaining recognizable, and its geometric features allow it to seamlessly fit into anyone’s personal style.

Anagram Sleeveless Crop Sweater

Loewe Anagram Sleeveless Crop Sweater

Small Anagram cut-out tote in calfskin

Loewe Small Anagram cut-out tote in calfskin

Repeat debossed leather wallet

Loewe Repeat debossed leather wallet

The Uniqlo Mini Shoulder Bag

uniqlo mini shoulder bag


There’s no doubt about it: The Uniqlo Mini Shoulder Bag was everywhere in 2023—and for good reason. Its roomy interior, simple exterior, hands-free capability, and many colors (including tons of neutrals), quickly solidified it as a bag you need in your collection. With an adjustable strap, you can wear it on your shoulder or aim for the more traditional way, across your chest. The affordable sling bag is perfect for running errands, a long day in the city, or even going out to dinner. Once you get one, you won’t be able to stop.

Black Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Uniqlo Black Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Blue Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Uniqlo Blue Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Natural Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Uniqlo Natural Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Ultra-Hot Pants

hot pants trend

Getty Images

The shorts definitely got shorter this past year, and the trend of hot pants blew up. While this runway-approved trend may feel daunting at first, the no-pants look is all the rage in the world of fashion. From styles that reference briefs to a more traditional short short, we truly did see it all. During the colder months, I suggest pairing them with tights (à la Kendall Jenner) so you can wear this fun trend all year long.

Corseted Micro Shorts

Maeve Corseted Micro Shorts

Annaise Short in Red

LAMARQUE Annaise Short in Red

Black Melody Briefs

Anna October Black Melody Briefs

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Miu Miu Moments

miu miu trend

Getty Images

In the year that saw Miu Miu celebrate its 30th anniversary, the brand exploded yet again. The label’s eye-catching designs consistently went viral, including the beloved cardigan. This continued wave of excitement surrounding the brand placed it in a league of its own. You’ll love its takes on classic styles as much as its more experimental designs (sheer skirts, anyone?) and soon understand why they’ve continued to gain such a huge following—celebrities, included.

Cotton knit cardigan

Miu Miu Cotton knit cardigan

Cady dress

Miu Miu Cady dress

Polka-dot chiffon skirt

Miu Miu Polka-dot chiffon skirt

The Naked Shoe

naked shoe trend

Getty Images

When the naked shoe came out, the style was suddenly everywhere. From the must-have mesh flats from The Row and Alaïa to alternative versions in mesh and more from other designers, finding a pair that suits your sartorial aesthetic was all part of the fun. And with flats making a major comeback this year, I guarantee that this is one trend you won’t regret.

Mesh Mary Jane Ballerina Flats

ALAÏA Mesh Mary Jane Ballerina Flats

Moira Mesh Flats

Jeffrey Campbell Moira Mesh Flats

Luna Mesh Ballerina Flats

Le Monde Beryl Luna Mesh Ballerina Flats

The Adidas Samba

adidas samba trend

Getty Images

Even the savviest shoppers out there would say that getting your hands on a pair of Adidas Sambas this year was nearly impossible. But fear not, not all hope is lost. These celebrity-approved kicks are here to stay—being among one of the best 2024 sneaker trends—and there are plenty of colorways available now to choose from. Go for classic black, a monochromatic vibe, or a subtle pastel tone. The options are endless, so I won’t judge if you want to buy a pair to go with every outfit.

Samba OG Shoes in Silver Green

Adidas Samba OG Shoes in Silver Green

Samba OG Shoes in Core Black

Adidas Samba OG Shoes in Core Black

Samba Shoes in Halo Blush

Adidas Samba Shoes in Halo Blush

Maison Margiela Tabis

tabi trend

Getty Images

The polarizing Tabi shoes may not be a newcomer to the fashion landscape, but in the past year, they blew up like never before (many thanks to social media), according to Lyst. The Maison Margiela staple, known for its unique toe, is now a staple among the younger generation. The resurgence has been nothing short of incredible. Not to mention, the style options for Tabis are endless. From classic tall boots to loafers and Mary Jane’s, narrowing down what style you want most, may be the toughest decision of them all.

Black Tabi Mary-Jane Heels

Maison Margiela Black Tabi Mary-Jane Heels

Pink Tabi Ballerina Flats

Maison Margiela Pink Tabi Ballerina Flats

Black Tabi knee-high boots

Maison Margiela Black Tabi knee-high boots

Dilara Findikoglu

dilara findikoglu trend

Getty Images

If there’s one brand to have on your radar right now, it’s Dilara Findikoglu, a London brand that burst onto the fashion scene with a force. A label loved by many, including celebrities like Margot Robbie, Zendaya, and Kylie Jenner, its take on fashion is something to be celebrated. Everyone wants to know about it and how they can get some of Dilara Findikoglu’s best pieces—and naturally, they’ve become hot commodities among the fashion set. Be sure to get your hands on something before it quickly sells out, again.

Black Identity Crisis Turtleneck

Dilara Findikoglu Black Identity Crisis Turtleneck

Navy Bad Reputation Corset

Dilara Findikoglu Navy Bad Reputation Corset

Red Cone Bra T-Shirt

Dilara Findikoglu Red Cone Bra T-Shirt

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