The Magic of Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Curl Defining Cream


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As a Latina who has spent years wrestling with the idea that straightening my hair is the easier way to manage it, I can attest to the power of societal beauty standards and the convenience of conformity. I often used the excuse that straight hair required less maintenance and was the path of least resistance. However, I’ve come to realize that there is beauty in embracing our natural selves, and TikTok has played a role in helping me learn how to love and style my curls! This journey to self-acceptance has been further enhanced by the discovery of Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Curl Defining Cream.

CBD Instant Curl Defining Cream

CBD Instant Curl Defining Cream

CBD Instant Curl Defining Cream

Credit: Courtesy of Leaf + Flower

For me, straightening my hair seemed like the easiest way to go about my life. After all, if I could wash my hair once a week, straighten it, and have it hold its shape all week, then that had to be low maintenance, right? That’s what I thought until I stumbled upon the curly hair revolution on TikTok. Everyone’s number one suggestion for curls? Upside down hair scrunch while wet. A technique that I now like to use while applying products, then letting my hair air-dry. I add a medium-sized dollop to my hands and work it throughout my hair using my fingers, scrunching from the bottom up. Simple.

One reason to go natural was to give my hair a much needed break. I’ve been dyeing my hair for years, on top of straightening it. While my hair is seemingly healthy, it could use an added boost. The Leaf + Flower CBD Instant line has been a game-changer in my curly hair routine. What sets it apart from other hair products is its ability to define curls without making them feel crunchy or weighed down. Plus, it eliminates frizz along with it being alcohol free, which helps in maintaining a healthy scalp, crucial in promoting hair growth and overall hair health. At an affordable price, what isn’t to love?

a person with long blonde wavy hair

Hair air-dryed with no products used

Leah Romero
a woman with blonde curly hair

Hair Air-dryed using Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Curl Defining Cream

Leah Romero

After two weeks of use, I’ve already noticed a difference in my hair health. Now, this isn’t to say I won’t straighten my hair ever again, but I’m now a lot more comfortable with my options as I continue to embrace my curls.


Leah Romero is the Senior Digital Designer at She is a New York native with a passion for fine arts, good food, and exploring her Ecuadorian culture. Previously, she was Senior Designer at The Economist with an emphasis on advertising. Outside of work, you can find her vintage shopping, creating miniature sculptures, and exploring the city by foot. 

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