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Welcome to Same Same But Different. As Gen Z and millennial fashion editors, respectively, we know a thing or two about shopping—for all ages, and especially our demographics. As we find the best products for you, we can’t help but do a little shopping for ourselves and build our personal (age-appropriate) wish lists. And now, we’re sharing them with you. Ahead, check out what’s in our hearts and in our carts lately.

Dale Chong: A new year is upon us. As much as I’ve enjoyed getting dressed up in the best holiday party outfits (I loved your look, by the way!), I can only say one thing as I sink into the insanely comfortable couch at my parents’ house: I’m ready for some R&R. While I love using this time of year to reset and plan for what’s to come, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for becoming a full-on potato during the downtime—which involves stepping away from the keyboard every now and then. And thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do that, especially when you have the right cozy staples. I have a couple of ideas for how to I’ll be doing that, but I’d love to know what you have in store for your time away from the screen.

Meg Donohue: Agreed—I am tired with a capital T. That said, I’m hoping to make this week off feel like two by spending as much time as possible doing absolutely nothing. In the words of my sister, I can’t wait to “get ‘zontal.” Horizontal, that is. I’m laying the hell down. I thoroughly look forward to staying in my favorite comfy clothes for several days straight. I’m talking cozy knit sets like the jersey ones from Leset and my favorite Bombas socks that I will not shut up about. When I’m staying in, you can bet my hair is staying up, and nothing contains my mop atop my head quite like Alo’s ginormous scrunchies. If I absolutely must leave the house, I’ll wear my favorite, most buttery-soft leggings, but comfort comes first this week above all else. How about you?

DC: Activity-wise, you and I are on the same page this month…entirely. That said, rather than opting for coordinated sets, I usually go for layers. Obviously, I am a gal who loves her knits, so on a typical day at home, I’ll be sporting a cozy crewneck sweater; something that’s easy to pull over a super-soft T-shirt, like this one from Everlane. My apartment has a radiator, which means I can’t control the heat…and sometimes, the only way to cope is to wear less clothes, hence why these cozy NAKEDCASHMERE briefs, otherwise known as the trending hot pants, are on this list.

Now that I’m with my family, however, things are a little different. My parental unit has an incredibly airy home that is seemingly never warm enough no matter how much I lament the lack of heat (RIP me). So, I’ve opted for the only pants—which happen to be from my favorite knitwear brand, YanYan—I’m wearing these days. They are not only stupidly comfortable, but also way cooler than any other pair of joggers I own. I wear them for coffee runs and while I become one with the sofa. These are the pants for everything. Oh, and my feet are super cold right now, so I’m bundling up with fluffy socks and slippers—those are simply a must.

Now that our cozy at-home ensembles have been discussed, how will you be spending your final days of the year? When you’re not being ’zontal, that is.

MD: Freezing in one’s parent’s home must be a universal experience. I feel like I’m waking up the Arctic tundra when my mom is helms the thermostat. Perhaps that’s where my deeply rooted love of robes comes from. I’m embarrassed to admit I have six bathrobes. In terms of softness, my one from True & Co. reigns supreme. If I’m not swaddled in that, sweatshirts are my favorite form of layering, but I respect your sweater and hot pants combo.

As for how I plan to pass the time, I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, as well as working on some puzzles. (Puzzling is tough on the neck—why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that?) Since Spotify launched audiobooks, I’ve been on a total tear. My favorite recent read is none other than Julia Fox’s memoir, Down the Drain. I highly recommend it as she narrates it herself. I’ll relish in going makeup-free for a few days and leaning into skin care, like with my favorite oil from Avoila. And if I had to guess, I’ll likely consume more than a few warm beverages while curled up on the couch. How do you hope to spend your leisure time?

DC: I tend to lean into my gamer side with my Nintendo Switch, but I think I may have some research to do during our final days off. Happy to hear that you’re a robe girl too! While I understand the appeal of a lush, microfiber option, I’ve always been partial to a fluffy bathrobe; don’t ask me why, I can’t explain it. When I’m not wrapped in a robe like a child fresh out of bath time, I, once again, am on the couch. Movie marathons and binge-watching TV shows are the pastime of choice in our family, which means we’re surrounded by fluffy pillows and warm blankets. I know these Overland park ones are more decorative than others, but they do add a wintry touch to the décor, don’t you think?

Movie nights with the family are also when I catch up on all my knitting projects to keep my hands busy while I absorb everything. (For those who are curious, this kit from We Are Knitters is fast, simple, and great for beginners.)

Non sequitur, but it is the end of the year. Any final thoughts you want to share with our beloved ELLE readers before 2024?

MD: In short, stay cozy. I hope everyone can indulge in a restorative and joyful break—it’s certainly well-deserved—even if only for a couple of days. We’ll be back with more SSBD before you know it.

DC: Cheers to that!

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Meg is the Associate Fashion Commerce Editor at where she researches trends, tests products, and looks for answers to all your burning questions. She also co-writes a monthly column, Same Same But Different. Meg has previously written for Cosmopolitan and Town & Country. Her passions include travel, buffalo sauce, and sustainability. She will never stop hoping for a One Direction reunion tour.

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Dale Arden Chong is the Senior Fashion Commerce Editor at Previously, she was an editor at and has written for Who What Wear, GLAMOUR, The Coveteur, and more. She loves fashion, food, and art, among other things—but her greatest love is K-pop idol V of BTS. 

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