These Must-Know Jewelry Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2024


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ATTENTION: If you haven’t written down your 2024 intentions yet, now is the time. While you’re at it, consider what the 2024 jewelry trends you want to wear throughout the next year. After all, the glimmering baubles a woman wears say a lot about her personality to both herself and the world. What’s her style? What does she care about? Does she care at all?

After 2023, we’re hoping 2024 will be a year of immense importance, change, and healing for those who need it. Why wouldn’t jewelry be any different? The jewelry trends of the year to come signify resurgence, of decades past and spiritual motifs, as well as modern concepts that encourage us to look to the future. No matter where the new year will take you, be sure you’re decked out in your favorite sparkly, shiny pieces to get you through the ups and downs. Ahead, shop our favorite jewelry trends to keep with you along the way.

Watches, But Not for Your Wrists

breda x dalmata


Vintage watches have taken over my Instagram feed, but what I’ve found most interesting when it comes to watches, is that the most exciting pieces are worn anywhere but on the wrist. Watch rings, chokers, brooches, and even anklets have crossed my eyes one way or another (including on Rihanna’s diamond-dazzling neck), so if you want to keep up with the times, keep an eye on your phone’s clock and ditch the practicality of a wristwatch.

Two-Hand Watch Ring

Fossil Two-Hand Watch Ring

Pocket watch Black, Gold-tone finish

Swarovski Pocket watch Black, Gold-tone finish

Now 40% Off

Time Ring

Breda x Dalmata Time Ring

Bows, Bows, and More Bows

acne studios

Acne Studios

The ultra-feminine aesthetic has reclaimed its place in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and home—and jewelry is no exception. Fun, flirty, and just a little kitschy, bows are everywhere, and not just for your hair. Jewelry is perhaps the easiest way to incorporate this updated youthful trend into your wardrobe without feeling like a baby doll, but if bow stacking is your vibe, even better! Sydney Stanback, global trends and insight lead at Pinterest, explains the trend: “This isn’t simply about adding one bow to your outfit or hairstyle, it’s about incorporating bows into multiple aspects of your look,” she says. “And for jewelry, people on Pinterest are tapping into this trend through searching for ‘bow necklaces’ which is up 180 percent.”

Grande Rosette Pearl Earrings

Sophie Bille Brahe Grande Rosette Pearl Earrings

Bow Necklace

Acne Studios Bow Necklace

Bow Studs

Les Miss Bow Studs

’70s Style

bottega veneta

Bottega Veneta

The ’70s are back in a big way. With people discovering the joys of shag carpeting, sunken living rooms, the color brown, and dripping in gold, this is a decade revival to get behind. “It’s all about gold, gold, and more gold!” says Mia Moross, founder of The One I Love. “Women are seeking bold, chunky statement pieces reminiscent of ’70s styles, embracing the art of layering. We’re moving away from the long-standing delicate and minimalist trend and diving head-first into the maximalist style. I’m here for it.”

The Kornerupine Ring

The One I Love The Kornerupine Ring

Sardine Earrings

Bottega Veneta Sardine Earrings

Anastasia Choker

Aureum Anastasia Choker

Sculptural Minimalism



Clean, sculptural jewelry is perhaps one of the simplest ways to elevate your outfit. Whether through subtle drop earrings, cuff bracelets, or bold statement rings, sculptural jewelry adds a modernist, industrial feel to a look. “I’m seeing a real demand for contemporary pieces that combine timeless elegance with powerful, organic form,” says Sophie Howard, founder of By Pariah. “I love combining volume with clean, understated structures to create an aesthetic that is a celebration of sculptural minimalism. When it comes to earrings, I design with quiet elegance in mind to create a feel of bold simplicity.”

Turner Ring

Agmes Turner Ring

Aros Earcuffs

Paula Mendoza Aros Earcuffs

Large Drop Earrings

By Pariah Large Drop Earrings

Not Your Grandma’s Pins & Brooches


Giorgio Armani

Vintage jewelry is always a good idea, and brooches that we used to find outdated or impractical are back and better than ever. Heirloom pieces or thrifted antiques are great options, but in case you want a more modern, abstract look, there are plenty of modern pins to choose from, thanks to the resurgence.

Metal Brooch with Swarovski Crystal

Giorgio Armani Metal Brooch with Swarovski Crystal

Two-Tone Pin

Jil Sander Two-Tone Pin

Large Sphere Brooch

Cos Large Sphere Brooch

Art Deco

rainbow k


With vintage jewelry being so back in style, so is the Art Deco aesthetic. Just look at @chelseagirlnyc’s Instagram, which boasts styles of all decades. Our favorite, though, are the rings, necklaces, and bracelets, filled with gold, diamonds, onyx, and more, that could have come out of 1920s Paris (and some did!).

Bague Maxi Berlingot

Yvonne Leon Bague Maxi Berlingot

Cleopatra Bracelet

Rainbow K Cleopatra Bracelet

Blackened White Gold Long Earrings

Nikos Koulis Blackened White Gold Long Earrings

Spiritual Motifs



If there’s one jewelry trend that will continue on in 2024 (because it simply must after a fateful 2023), it’s spiritual jewelry. Whatever your religion or beliefs, there are pieces to wear as any type of amulet, affirmation, or memento mori. “Having a piece of jewelry as a personal talisman is going to be an important part of anybody’s jewelry collection in 2024,” says Nicole Carosella, co-founder and designer of Sorellina. “One of the reasons we were excited to launch our Piccola Tarot Card pendants was that people want to go into the new year with new intentions, whether that be strength, new beginnings, love, etc., and want a symbol to connect to.”

L’Imperatrice Piccola Tarot Card

Sorellina L’Imperatrice Piccola Tarot Card

Temple Mandala Dome Inlay Ring

Orly Marcel Temple Mandala Dome Inlay Ring

Paola Collar

Pamela Love Paola Collar


ben amun

Ben Amun

Maybe it’s because we’re entering a recession…but we jewelry girls will be collecting our coins in the form of jewelry in 2024 (someone please pay our rent in the meantime!). But actually, coin jewelry is nothing new, and pieces can actually be worn and gifted as emblems of good fortune. “Coins have become a trend due to their blend of historical charm and contemporary fashion appeal, offering both timeless elegance and cultural significance,” says co-founder and designer of Lionheart, Joy Haugaard. “In ancient cultures—for instance, Persian culture—gifting coins symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, connecting wearers to a rich historical legacy. To style them, consider wearing gold coin charms as statement pieces on delicate chains or layering them for a dynamic effect.”

Athena and Nike Goddess Coin Medallion

Lionheart Athena and Nike Goddess Coin Medallion

Roman Coin Bracelet

Ben Amun Roman Coin Bracelet

Sins And Senses Coin Ring

Wouters & Hendrix Sins And Senses Coin Ring

Ring Stacks

kinn studio

Kinn Studio

Playing around with ring combos and stacks has never been more fun, but if you prefer a simpler approach to the trend, pre-built stacks are the rings for you. Sculptural and subtle, ring stacks create the illusion of boldly layered jewelry, which is both fun and efficient. Dani Michelle, founder of MÉGA agrees: “Putting together the right ring stack can really elevate your hand as well as create an overall look. Stacking the rings is a more-is-more look and has a stronger effect. It leads to conversation, tells a story, and shows your style.”

Stacking Donut Rings

MÉGA Stacking Donut Rings

Hera Sculptural Ring Stack

Kinn Hera Sculptural Ring Stack

Pure Form® Stack Rings

David Yurman Pure Form® Stack Rings

Cuff It

georg jensen


Cuff bracelets have been all over the runways for the past few seasons, which means they’re bound to trickle into our jewelry boxes in 2024. Maybe it’s armor, or maybe it’s a bold nod to the ’80s, but cuffs, whether gold, silver, enamel, thick, or thin, are coming for your wrists.

Silver Curved Bangle

Georg Jensen Silver Curved Bangle

Dehia Bleu Cuff

Ashaha Dehia Bleu Cuff

Solanales Gold Crystal Folded Cuff Bracelet

Alexis Bittar Solanales Gold Crystal Folded Cuff Bracelet

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