Kendall Jenner’s Friends Reportedly Wouldn’t Be Surprised if Her and Bad Bunny’s Relationship Became ‘On-Off’


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Some of Kendall Jenner’s friends would not be surprised if her love story with Bad Bunny got a second chapter, Us Weekly reports. A source discussed why they weren’t shocked by the pair’s recent breakup but also aren’t fully convinced it’s over for good.

“Friends aren’t surprised that Kendall and Bad Bunny have broken up,” the source started. “They never really saw their relationship going the distance anyway.”

“Of course, they want the best for their friend, but they really didn’t feel like Kendall was as compatible with Bad Bunny as she was in past relationships with other people,” the source continued. “At the same time, Kendall has had a few on-off relationships in the past, so they wouldn’t be totally surprised if she got back together with him at some point.”

This isn’t the first time Us has reported on Jenner’s friends being skeptical of her relationship with Bunny. The outlet reported back in mid-November, likely around the time Jenner and Bunny were privately breaking up, that her group was doubtful of their long-term potential.

“Kendall’s friends don’t think she’ll be with Bad Bunny forever,” the source said then. Despite the breakup rumors, they are still seeing each other, but [Kendall’s pals] don’t see a huge spark between them or any longterm potential. If Kendall’s happy, then they’re happy for her, but they’ve seen her happier before in past relationships.”

The insider added, “Truth be told, some of them are secretly hoping she gets back together with Devin [Booker, her last ex she dated before Bunny] again. That’s who they feel suited her the best and who made her feel the happiest in their opinion.”

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