You Don’t Need to Be on “Bachelor in Paradise” to Sweat With Tanner Courtad — He Made a Workout Just For Us


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“If you’re breathing hard, just means you’re alive,” fitness personality and “Bachelor in Paradise” star Tanner Courtad assures you in this sweaty 10-minute workout. His high-energy “anywhere” cardio is specifically designed to be done wherever you are, getting your heart racing with just 10 simple movements. Anywhere cardio combines traditional HIIT methodology with a few boxing techniques for the ultimate burn. Expect 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a quick interval-based workout that’ll target your entire body.

Some of the highlights from Courtad’s HIIT routine include: reverse lunges to activate the hamstrings and glutes, a boxer’s shuffle to get your heart rate up, and a series of crossbody planks and plank-jacks to really engage the core. The movements are isolated enough to be done in small spaces like a kitchen, gym, or bedroom, but small hops, kicks, and punches keep it feeling fiery at the same time.

As always, modifications are provided throughout the workout. The most important thing is to get moving, listen to your body, and challenge yourself. Try this anywhere cardio for a quick and effective workout you’ll definitely feel the next day.

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Check out more from Courtad on his Future Self app and YouTube channel.

Tanner Courtad
Outfit: DSG
Shoes: Nike

AJ Morales
Top: Lulu
Shorts: 4 Laps
Shoes: APL

Fatima Karalova
Top: 4 Laps
Leggings: Beyond Yoga
Shoes: APL

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios

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