All About Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-Boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine


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Megan Thee Stallion confirmed in an Instagram Live in February 2021 that she was dating rapper Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine. At the iHeartRadio Music Awards on May 27, the two made their red carpet debut as a couple, months after they had officially confirmed their relationship.

2021 iheartradio music awards – arrivals

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He didn’t attend the 2021 Grammys with her in March, but was supportive from afar, posting an Instagram Story to cheer her on before the ceremony started. Megan was nominated in four major categories: record of the Year (for “Savage” with Beyoncé), Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance (for “Savage” with Beyoncé), and Best Rap Song (for “Savage” with Beyoncé).

megan thee stallion's boyfriend showing support for her on grammys night


Megan addressed online critics as she confirmed their relationship.

“I didn’t like what they was trying to say about Pardi,” Megan told her fans, before sharing their relationship status. “‘Cause he is so calm and so sweet and very protective…That’s my boo and I really like him.” Later, she officially confirmed the relationship: “I never said hot girls can’t have boyfriends,” adding, “Yeah, he my boyfriend.”

Fontaine shared some details of his Valentine’s Day with Megan Thee Stallion then. Their day appeared to include a personalized meal with a menu that reads, “Pardi with a Hottie.”

The two appeared to take a private plane, decked out with Valentine’s Day roses, to their special lunch date.

But in 2023, Megan released new music that alluded to Fontaine’s infidelities, and seemingly confirmed their split soon after. However, it was rare for Megan to actually confirm she had a boyfriend.

In the past, Megan has spoken about how she’s had to change her life since rising to stardom. One of those major changes? Keeping her personal life private. “You got to be careful what you’re doing in public because sometimes people spin it like it’s something else,” she told The Rolling Stone in February of 2020.

In that feature, the magazine noted the velocity with which rumors about Megan’s dating life spread: “If she’s photographed next to a man—whether it’s Daniel Kaluuya at the BET Hip Hop Awards or Trey Songz at a club — it quickly becomes an all-consuming story about who she’s dating that’s rarely rooted in fact. During the first week of February [2020], Megan caught the ire of the internet after G-Eazy posted an Instagram story featuring him kissing her on the face. In true Megan fashion, she’d joke a day later that the Bay Area rapper just liked the taste of Fenty makeup, while denouncing any rumors.”

Who is Pardison Fontaine, Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-boyfriend?

His full name is Jordyn Kyle Lanier Thorpe.

Just as Megan Thee Stallion’s real name is not Megan Thee Stallion, Pardison Fontaine’s rapper name is not the name he was given at birth. The 31-year-old Capricorn is from Newburgh, New York.

He reportedly has a 7-year-old daughter, Jordy Jr., who was born in 2016.

His stage name is inspired by the 1985 film Back to the Future.

In a November 2019 interview with People, Fontaine said he initially called himself “Pardi McFly.” a spin on the character Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox.

“Then, I thought to myself, ‘JAY-Z is not going to do a song with somebody named Pardi McFly,’ he said. “So, I just dropped the McFly and I kept the Pardi.”

His rapping career dates back to middle school.

Fontaine told People that he wrote a song with another student-rapper.

“He gave me this beat and I wrote a little verse to it and that was the first time I ever rapped,” Pardi said. “That was like, ‘All right, I can do this.’ That was my real intro.”

Pardi released his biggest hit in 2018, but he’s behind a lot of popular music.

In 2019, The New Yorker profiled Pardi as part of its feature on ghostwriters in the music industry. Writer Carrie Battan noted that when Cardi B released her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, in 2018, she thanked her ghostwriter for the song “Be Careful,” which is an unusual move in the industry. The ghostwriter in question was Pardi.

“My boy Pardison . . . I told him, ‘I really want this record. I want it for me,’” Cardi told hip-hop radio host Ebro Darden. Fontaine’s also behind Kanye West’s “Violent Crimes” (2018) and Ed Sheeran’s “South of the Border” (2019).

In 2018, though, Fontaine began to build a reputation for himself (under his own name) with his album, UNDER8ED.

Pardi attended the 2021 BET Awards with Megan.

On June 27, Pardi and Megan attended the 2021 BET Awards together. The couple displayed their love as they posed for photo ops on the red carpet. The rapper wore an ivory coned bra dress with diamond hip chains that connected the dress. Pardi wore a black button-down short-sleeve shirt paired with black pants and white sneakers. Megan had a big night as she won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and performed her new hit single, “Thot Sh*t,” in which Pardi’s voice is featured on the song.

bet awards 2021 arrivals

Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine at the 2021 BET Awards

Amy Sussman//Getty Images

Megan rapped about their breakup in 2023.

On November 3, 2023, Megan released her song “Cobra,” and the lyrics suggested she caught Fontaine cheating on her in their home.

“Man, I miss my parents / Way too anxious, always cancel my plans / Pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his d–k sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin’ / Lord, give me a break, I don’t know how much more of this s–t I can take,” rapped Megan.

Fontaine decided to try and out rap Megan with a new track titled “Thee Person,” released on November 18. He accused his former girlfriend of having sex with her close friend and music producer LilJuMadeDaBeat and said she had an “ugly soul.”

Later, she discussed how she is approaching sex differently since her break up.

On November 23, Megan did an Instagram Live where she discussed how her personal life has gotten too public.

“It’s like nobody be listening to my music. They be like, [shocked gasp] ‘Megan Thee Stallion…I can not believe she likes to have sex! I cannot believe Megan The Stallion f—ks!’” she said. She then said she was “turning over a new leaf.”

“I’m stingy with the [sex],” she said. “I’m not a freak anymore…I’m done. I’m done with the streets. So toxic in the streets. I’m tired with the streets.”

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