Complete Your Winter Wardrobe With These 12 Must-Have Fashion Trends


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Whether you like it or not, winter is right around the corner. Sure, we’ll miss the carefree fun of summer and the cozy comforts of autumn, but winter has its own perks. If you live in a colder climate, you’ll spend most of your time indoors, which is the perfect arena for showing off your favorite outfits. More clothes required equals more opportunities to express yourself. In other words: Now’s the time to really start dressing.

With the holidays inching closer and closer, now’s an even better time to start working on your winter wishlist. With that in mind, shopping for the best winter 2023 fashion trends can be a little overwhelming, which is where I’ve come in to help. As a fashion editor, it’s my job to keep an eye on the trends of the moment—and I’ve also looked to the best street style to back me up. Ahead, shop the winter style trends you’ll definitely want to get in on this season.


a woman holding a purse

Christian Vierig

Flashy logos are definitely out this upcoming season, and you can thank the fashion gods for that. A more sophisticated, subtle style will reign this winter, and no matter what label you’re wearing, you’ll wear the clothes—not the other way around. I won’t say the overdone phrase that rhymes with shmuiet shmuxury, but that’s still very much the vibe. Bet you didn’t even notice that the three below pieces are from some of the most recognizable luxury brands out there.

Shaded Leather Jacket

Fendi Shaded Leather Jacket
Credit: Courtesy

Denim Halterneck Dress

Givenchy Denim Halterneck Dress
Credit: Courtesy

Checked Wide-leg Pants

Gucci Checked Wide-leg Pants
Credit: Courtesy

Baggy Jeans

a woman in a fur coat and sunglasses standing in a street

Christian Vierig

A more relaxed style culture is on the horizon, and that includes more people wearing baggy jeans. The baggier, the better. This is also a great way to get in on the low-rise pants trend without feeling self-conscious. With the right fit (or lack thereof) baggy jeans can actually be flattering and give you an air of effortless cool.

Frederic Jean

EB Denim Frederic Jean
Credit: Courtesy

Damon Pleated Wide Leg

R13 Damon Pleated Wide Leg
Credit: Courtesy

Wideleg Mid-Rise Jeans

Mango Wideleg Mid-Rise Jeans
Credit: Courtesy

Back to Basics

woman wearing suede jacket white button down and jeans

Daniel Zuchnik

Minimalism can be tough in a world full of cute, fun clothes, but if you really want a timeless, effortless wardrobe, now’s your chance to get back to the basics. Classic jeans, an oversized button-down shirt, and a sleek sweater are all you need to stay chic this winter. You can always dress them up or down, but having these key staples will make getting dressed in the morning incredibly easy.

Lui Organic Cotton-Poplin Shirt

Frankie Shop Lui Organic Cotton-Poplin Shirt
Credit: Courtesy

Olsen Straight-Leg Jeans

Anine Bing Olsen Straight-Leg Jeans
Credit: Courtesy

Alice Polo in Cashmere

Alex Mill Alice Polo in Cashmere
Credit: Courtesy

Touchable Texture

paloma elsesser in a texture fur blue coat shirt and pants

Melodie Jeng

For me, winter is all about heightened textures. The sparkle of a chandelier, the sheen of velvet couches—why not feel it in your clothes, too? Designers are giving us more and more options this season, so have fun with it (and wear the fur pants unapologetically).

Flame Maul 3D-knit Top

Chet Lo Flame Maul 3D-knit Top
Credit: Courtesy

Paillette-Embellished Midi Skirt

Rabanne Paillette-Embellished Midi Skirt
Credit: Courtesy

Forest Green Pants

Khaite Forest Green Pants
Credit: Courtesy

Luxurious Comfort

luxurious comfort

Claudio Lavenia

There’s sweatpants and hoodie-type comfort, and then there’s luxurious comfort. This comfort includes ultra-soft cashmere, tight knits, and flattering silhouettes that you can take from the couch to the commute without looking or feeling like a slob.

Callan Top in Cashmere

The Row Callan Top in Cashmere
Credit: Courtesy

The Khloe Trousers

Lisa Yang The Khloe Trousers
Credit: Courtesy

The Winston Hoodie

Khaite The Winston Hoodie
Credit: Courtesy

Dark Florals

woman in a dark floral coat walking down a street

Daniel Zuchnik

If there’s one thing to know about florals, it’s that they can be worn at any time of the year—as long as you choose your colors wisely. Wearing florals in the winter is all about darker jewel tones. Where you’d wear lavender in summer, go with aubergine in the winter. Love lime green? Try emerald or forest green. Dark florals are a little mysterious but still bold, and the perfect trend to try this season. If you need styling tips, just look at Richard Quinn’s past collections!

Bixie Floral Stretch-Silk Maxi Dress

Veronica Beard Bixie Floral Stretch-Silk Maxi Dress
Credit: Courtesy

Floral Halterneck Top

Dries van Noten Floral Halterneck Top

Now 40% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Shirred Crepe Midi Skirt

MAJE Shirred Crepe Midi Skirt

Now 55% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Expensive (Looking) Coats

luxe coats

Edward Berthelot

It might seem obvious that you’ll likely need a coat in the winter, but these aren’t just any coats. This trend isn’t just something you throw over your actual outfit, to be taken off and discarded once indoors. These pieces are the outfit. While investing in a high-quality winter coat is always wise, you don’t have to break the bank to get in on this trend.

Oversized Wool Coat

Cos Oversized Wool Coat
Credit: Courtesy

Camia Felt Coat

Joseph Camia Felt Coat

Now 45% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Wool and Cashmere Coat

Cinzia Rocca Wool and Cashmere Coat
Credit: Courtesy

Precious Cargo


Melodie Jeng

The cool girls’ favorite trend of summer is here to stay this winter. This time, cargos will come in thicker fabrics, darker colors, and even maxi skirts. Our advice? Choose which pocket you want to use for your chapstick, keys, and credit card now (or just pair it with a cute purse, like a normal person).

Denim Cargo Pant

Coach Denim Cargo Pant
Credit: Courtesy

Delaney Satin Cargo Pants

The Frankie Shop Delaney Satin Cargo Pants
Credit: Courtesy

Skylar Cargo Maxi Skirt

Haikure Skylar Cargo Maxi Skirt
Credit: Courtesy

Business Casual

woman in white fur coat with white bag, pants, and boots

Edward Berthelot

Business casual hasn’t always been a positive term when it comes to fashion, but it’s making a comeback. If the thought of slacks and blazers makes you cringe, we think it’s time you change your mind. There’s a way to make business casual cool, and this winter you can test the waters for your own personal style.

Silk Shirt

TWP Silk Shirt
Credit: Courtesy

Flavie Pant

Nili Lotan Flavie Pant
Credit: Courtesy

Plaid Suiting Blazer

Proenza Schouler Plaid Suiting Blazer
Credit: Courtesy

Cropped Jackets

girl wearing cropped shearling jacket and wool blazer

Claudio Lavenia

Perhaps this trend isn’t the most practical, but at the right place, at the right time, with the right weather, a cropped jacket will be a great statement piece this winter. The flattering proportion of a cropped jacket draws the eye to your waist, and whether paired with oversized pants (dare we say the aforementioned baggy jeans) or something fitted and high-rise, the silhouette looks super chic.

Cropped Bomber Jacket

Diesel Cropped Bomber Jacket
Credit: Courtesy

Vaughn Jacket

Miaou Vaughn Jacket
Credit: Courtesy

Premium Cropped Denim Jacket

G-Star Premium Cropped Denim Jacket

Now 64% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Goth Era

goth era

Edward Berthelot

Goth kids have often been on the sidelines and in their own league when it comes to fashion and beauty trends, but the style has become more and more center-stage as celebrities and brands look to add edge to their aesthetics. Perhaps it’s the Rick Owens effect, but—like it or not—darkness, weirdness, and punk-rock vibes are here to stay this winter. Even if it spooks you a bit, you can still explore the trend little by little. A subtly punk blazer here, a tooth necklace there…be warned, this trend is an addicting one!

Grommet Harness Jacket

Monse Grommet Harness Jacket
Credit: Courtesy

Embellished Harness-Detail Top

Noir Kei Ninomiya Embellished Harness-Detail Top

Now 50% Off

Credit: Courtesy

Striped Pleated Midi Skirt

Chopova Lowena Striped Pleated Midi Skirt
Credit: Courtesy


woman wearing long shearling coat

Edward Berthelot

A classic style that will always be trendy, but even more so this winter, is the shearling coat. It’s a great way to add some zhuzh to an outfit without being impractical, and now there are plenty of brands and styles—real or faux—to choose from.

Long Shearling Trench

Coach Long Shearling Trench
Credit: Courtesy

Shearling Jacket

Tory Burch Shearling Jacket
Credit: Courtesy

Dorothy Suede Coat

Susanna Chow Dorothy Suede Coat
Credit: Courtesy

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