Eiza González Did a HIIT Workout Before Prada’s Milan Fashion Week Show


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To simply call Eiza González a Hollywood actress would be an understatement—even outside of her chosen industry, she’s become a familiar face. Not only is she the first-ever Latina to be named a North American ambassador for Bulgari, but earlier this year, she announced a partnership with tequila brand Casa Azul. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the stunning Baby Driver and I Care a Lot actress is also a fixture at high fashion runway shows. Specifically, we caught up with her at Prada’s spring/summer 2024 show in Milan, where González paired a black woven cropped halter top with a sleek black maxi skirt, and accessorized with a black Prada Arqué leather shoulder bag, naturally. The show itself featured ethereal, sheer dresses, metallic fringe skirts, and rugged leather—a juxtaposition González enjoys and sees reflected in her own style. Below, more from González about her go-to looks, how she practices self-care, and her thoughts on fashion week in 2023.

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How did you prep for the Prada SS24 show?

I always like to work out before my day starts, especially if I’m battling jet lag—it’s the best depuffing secret in the world. I do a 10-minute HIIT workout, running and sprints, then, I do the sauna and shower afterward in freezing cold water. Best prep possible!

How would you describe your sense of style? If you could wear only wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’ve changed my personal style in the last few months, but I do love simplicity. I love a good pair of pants—loose suit pants or fitted styles always look chic, even with a tank top. I really love a simple, sleek, clean look. It always elevates you. Good, basic, timeless pieces you can’t live without.

eiza gonzalez prada

Emanuele D’Angelo

Did you have a favorite look from the show, or anything in particular you really loved?

I absolutely loved the dresses with chiffon silk. It was like they were flying butterflies. But I always gravitate to the utilitarian looks; I love balancing feminine and masculine as I skew both ways. That’s what I personally love about Prada—they understand the multitasking woman.

You’re no stranger to luxury fashion. What do you think of fashion week and fashion shows today? With the crowds and the glitz and glamour, how is it similar or different to, say, a red carpet for a movie premiere?

It’s quite a foreign territory for actors when it comes to the environment, even though we attend them constantly. I like approaching them with curiosity. I enjoy deeply watching the artistic expression of creative individuals through their clothes, from the design of the show to even the music they choose. There is something incredibly inspiring and cinematic about fashion shows.

Do you tend to pick outfits based on your mood, or is there a more strategic method?

I always work with my stylist Elizabeth Saltzman, and she’s gotten to a place where she really comprehends who I am, but we still constantly try to steer away from comfort and acknowledge the designer’s vision. I do end up choosing based on how I’m feeling at the moment. When it comes to that, I run the gamut. Depending on if I’m feeling confident and bold or boho and relaxed or trying to embrace total femininity, I try to approach it the way I do with roles. It allows you to show different sides to you.

eiza gonzalez prada

Emanuele D’Angelo

What are you most excited for this upcoming season? Both in life and in fashion?

I’m just truly excited for 2024. I have a lot of work finally seeing the light of day that I’ve been working on for the past two years. Tons of effort has been put into that. And, of course, I’m excited to see the shows, because it gives me a lot to think about when it comes to the red carpet and which Eiza I wanna be in this next era of my life.

eiza gonzalez prada

Emanuele D’Angelo

How has your background in non-English language films and television influenced your career?

They are really two different beasts. I’ve been lucky to achieve [success] twice in completely different ways, one as a teen in my own country, and getting the opportunity to learn a lot quite fast, and then doing it again on a more global stage. The whole experience as a child made my 2.0 (as I like to call it) easier to navigate, in the sense that I truly had lived so much, even though I was young, when I was starting my career in the U.S. I just had so much discipline and I built my confidence, but I was also just excited that I had a second chance to start again. Rarely do we get that opportunity, so I tried to embrace every second of that. Never forget: hard work and humbleness takes you very far. Keep pushing, keep going.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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