The Viral Detangling Brush #HairTok Loves Worked Wonders on My Tangled Curls


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For many of us, myself included, the word detangling stirs up childhood memories of scented kids’ detangling sprays and loved ones mercilessly ripping knots and tangles straight out of our sensitive scalps. In response to such atrocities, I ditched detangling brushes and sprays altogether and convinced myself that grown-ups “prevent breakage” by using wide-tooth combs and leave-in conditioners instead.

Crave Naturals Glide-Thru Detangling Brush

Glide-Thru Detangling Brush

Crave Naturals Glide-Thru Detangling Brush

Credit: Amazon

But with the help of the viral Crave Naturals detangling brush, #HairTok is repairing my relationship with the necessary evil. The $16 detangler has over 130 million views on TikTok, 50,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and now, two thumbs up from this curly-haired beauty writer. Consider my tangle-free ‘do a testament that this gentle hairbrush isn’t just a social media gimmick.

Crave Naturals’ Glide-Thru Detangling Brush claims to separate strands sideways instead of downwards, helping gently unravel tough knots without painful yanking and pulling. Its flexible, cone-shaped bristles are designed to effectively untangle tricky knots and provide what one Amazon reviewer calls “a scalp massage with every stroke.”

crave naturals detangling brush review

Commerce Writer Sarah Maberry using the Crave Naturals Glide-Thru Detangling Brush

Sarah Maberry

The TikTok detangling brush can be used on every hair type and texture, wet or dry, whether you’ve got fine 1A waves, coarse 3B curls, or tight 4A coils. On wash day, it slid effortlessly through my wet 3A curls to evenly disperse the K18 Leave-In Mask I swear by, and helped my blowout stay sleek for days.

Made from durable plastic, the frizz-fighting brush can be tossed into your carry-on luggage, used as a toy during your toddler’s bathtime, or brought into the shower to help evenly distribute conditioners and hair masks. It detangles faster than a plastic pick and causes less hair loss than a boar bristle brush or round brush.

Many reviewers shared they initially purchased it to tame their child’s unruly hair, but after seeing how effective the tool was, they began using it on their own. After putting it through the wringer untangling my nephew’s 4B coils at tub time, I see why. It was just as effective at taming a toddler’s wet curls as it was at my smoothing my frizzy waves into a slick bun.

The only downside: the curved handle shape was clearly designed with right-handed users in mind. As a leftie, I had to choke up on the brush handle for a secure grip. While it didn’t have the same ergonomic feel as it did in my right hand, it still got the job done.

crave naturals glide thru detangling brush review

Sarah Maberry

Ultimately, the Crave Naturals Detangling Brush lived up to the hype. Alongside a wide-tooth comb and heated straightening brush, it’s become one of my go-to hair tools for everyday detangling and styling. And since it’s under $20 on Amazon, I don’t feel bad purchasing a spare to toss in my work tote or gym bag for touch-ups on the go.

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