Jennifer Garner Just Debuted An Incredible New Haircut And Her Best Styling Products To Go Along With It On IG


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You can now officially add Miss Ray of Sunshine herself, Jennifer Garner, to the list of celebs rocking a cropped haircut these days.

Jen took to Instagram this week to debuted her new lob (long bob), and she was absolutely glowing in the video she posted. Jen captioned her post, “Short hair, don’t care! 💁🏻‍♀️.” And of course, everyone was all about it. “Gorgeous!!!!!” commented actress Kat Dennings. While others added, “Ok this haircut looks so good on you!!!!” and “I love it!” The verdict is in: Everyone is obsessed with your new haircut, Jen!

As you probably know if you keep tabs on Jennifer, she’s all about sharing her best tips and tricks with her fans, from her fave sneakers to her go-to skincare products. She even shares her intense workout routines from time to time. So, being the kind and generous person that she is, Jen also just gave anyone hoping to replicate her look at home a quick primer on how she brings her short locks to life.

VIRTUE VIRTUE 6-IN-1 Styler Cream

VIRTUE 6-IN-1 Styler Cream

VIRTUE VIRTUE 6-IN-1 Styler Cream

First, Jen says she uses a 6 in 1 styler from Virtue, which, she explains, brings out the natural texture of the hair. The cream is should be used before you apply heat to your hair for styling, and it smells great, according to Jen, so that’s a major plus! Jen shows fans how she adds a small amount of the styler to her palm before scrunching her hair. She then uses a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to create even more texture.

Virtue Texturizing Spray

Texturizing Spray

Virtue Texturizing Spray
Credit: Sephora

After achieving a good bouncy shape, Jen follows the styler up with Virtue’s Texturizing Spray. Basically, this is both a dry shampoo and hairspray in one…which is pretty genius, so thanks, Jen. No notes. The product adds that it will bring “lift and volume” to any hair type, and it’s also free of parabens and sulfites.


VIRTUE Healing Oil


Jen finishes the look with some Virtue Healing Oil. But don’t worry, this “oil” won’t get rid of your curls or texture, according to Jen. Instead, it just helps to lift the hair. BTW, this product smells like coconut.

She notes that all of these products contain Alpha keratin 60 ku, which is a protein that can help restore and nourish damaged hair. The result? “Your hair at the end of styling will be healthier than when you started,” according to Jen. “What’s better than that?”

I truly don’t know if there is anything in the realm of hair care that can top that. Thanks for the tips, Jen!

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