How This Parisian Fashion Insider Gears Up for ‘La Rentrée’ Into Fall Style


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Usually, early fall—and more specifically September—is my favorite time of the year. In French, we call it la rentrée, which doesn’t have an equivalent word in English, but it basically means back to school. It might seem regressive, I admit. But there’s just an energy I’ve always loved about that time.

First of all, everyone still has their summer glow and is happy to be back and to tell you all about their adventures, recharged and full of new ideas. Growing up in France, I always looked forward to the first day of school to show off my tan, my new haircut, and, of course, my freshly purchased outfit for la rentrée to all my friends. And I was equally excited to discover theirs.

It’s funny how some things don’t change. Like clockwork, every year when the end of August approaches, I start to gravitate towards my favorite brands, looking for a special piece that’ll effortlessly refresh my wardrobe and give me that exciting feeling once again—my rentrée outfit.

I have to have fun with what I can, which means, well, mostly bags.

Usually, it’s quite easy—like most Parisian women, my wardrobe is built around timeless staples. I have my high-waisted jeans and cropped tops that I use as a base for most of my early fall outfits, and I’ll just throw on some mules and a cute fall cardigan (my perennial favorite). But now that I’m pregnant, it’s a whole other story. With a new changing body, I’ve evolved my style foundations. I’ve only bought two pairs of pants (I’m skipping maternity jeans—it’s honestly quite boring, we all know they’re an impossible search!), and don’t feel as comfortable in cropped tops with a growing bump. I have to have fun with what I can, which means, well, mostly bags. If there’s one bag that’s keeping me excited for fashion this fall, it would have to be the newly reimagined Roseau bag by Longchamp.

I love a piece with a story, and this soft leather silhouette was first created in 1993 as the sister to the brand’s iconic Le Pliage bag. French women from my generation will remember that Le Pliage bag was the bag every girl had to have in the early aughts (my high school years). And let me tell you, if you were lucky enough to have one at your arm for la rentrée, you were IT.

That’s why I naturally gravitate towards the nostalgic familiarity of Roseau, which checks the boxes of style and practicality for my fall wardrobe. Combining an understated aesthetic with modern details like the retro acetate chain and the house’s signature toggle, it’s a piece that feels effortless and sophisticated—the perfect encapsulation of iconic Parisian style. And honestly, with the right bag, I don’t need much else to add to my more streamlined wardrobe (except maybe one of the luxurious suede bombers by Longchamp) to just feel cool. And to me, that truly rings a bell.

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