Hollywood Is Remaking Whitney Houston’s 1992 Drama ‘The Bodyguard’


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The reboot machine has revealed the limits of its audacity—and the limit does not exist. Hollywood is attempting to “reimagine” the 1992 romantic drama The Bodyguard, which you might remember as the film that launched the biggest movie soundtrack of all time and blessed us with Whitney Houston’s unforgettable cover of “I Will Always Love You.” Starring Kevin Costner and Houston as co-leads and lovers, the melodrama was not exactly a critical darling but nonetheless proved a boon for Houston’s already booming career. Thus why the film was later turned into a Broadway musical, its songbook based entirely off of Houston’s repertoire.

The Bodyguard (1992)



According to Variety, The Bodyguard remake has yet to solidify its cast, though pairings such as “Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson” and “Channing Tatum and Cardi B” have reportedly been floated through the years to follow in Costner and Houston’s footsteps.

There is some reason to be hopeful, however: The remake is getting a script treatment from Matthew López, the Tony-nominated playwright of The Inheritance, a show that earned him both the Olivier Award and Drama Desk Award, among others. He’s also working on a remake of the Marilyn Monroe-led Some Like It Hot and a film adaptation of the novel Leading Men, chronicling the relationship between playwright Tennessee Williams and his partner Frank Merlo. Clearly, López is not shy about picking high-profile projects, though finding a capable singer for a soundtrack like The Bodyguard is especially eyebrow-raising. Perhaps the casting director might pull a lead or two from the Great White Way? It seems unlikely many modern divas could live up to the magnetic power of Houston—and, in particular, her voice—but then again, how will they know until they try?

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