Megan Thee Stallion Knows Her Mom Would Be Proud of Her Brows


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“As soon as you start putting on my collection from Revlon, that’s how you know you just automatically activated your hot girl shit,” Megan Thee Stallion explains over Zoom. “When you wear this makeup and when you’re getting beat, just know you’re activating it.” The rapper, sporting her signature cut crease and the gold shade Heat Wave from her palette, could have a second career as an inspirational makeup artist. Just in time for fall, she wants us to not forget the hot girl summer mentality, which, despite its seasonal name, can last all year long with a few minor tweaks, she says. Plus, she lets us in on where she gets her beauty inspiration from, how to perfect the cut crease, and the essentials for Hot Girl Fall.

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You’re a queen from Houston and Houston has such a big beauty scene. What are your favorite H-town beauty trends?

Growing up, I was obsessed with the way my mom and the way she did her eyebrows. They were not too thin, not too thick, but it was just like the perfect blend. Everything looked so natural but still like she put on a beat today. I didn’t know how my mamma was looking without them because she would draw them on and it literally looked like hairs. It was always my goal to impress my mom with my eyebrow, but it didn’t happen until I was grown because she always talked bad about my eyebrows. You’ve got to be grown to have good eyebrows. I finally mastered my eyebrows. My mom would be proud.

Your mom would be so proud! Where else do you look to for beauty inspiration?

Being from Houston, I would always look at what does Beyoncé is doing. What’s she wearing? What is her makeup? And it’s always been pretty natural. It’s always been pretty stocked. So I would like to think I’m a mix of Beyoncé and then like whatever the video girls are doing, make it natural and make it sexy.

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Do you yourself have a favorite makeup look of your own?

Everybody knows that my favorite look to do on my eyes is a good cut crease. I love a good cut crease. I love a good cat-eye. That is my signature. That is my go-to. That is what I have mastered.

Do you have a pro tip on how you cut your crease?

I do a brown first or whatever color I want to start my base with, but it’s usually brown and I’ll start adding where I want the darker shade to be. It just looks like two colors at first, but then I go in with a flat brush and my foundation, and girl, I just shake my eyes. You don’t know what I look like under this cut crease, but you know what I look like when I’m finished, the goal is bold. That’s what I gave. I gave what it’s supposed to give.

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What’s a beauty trend from the past that you want to bring back?

I feel like in the nineties it was all about the darkest lip liner. I love heavy lip liner and I definitely am enjoying seeing it come back. A lot of times I’m only wearing lip liner and lip gloss, so I can’t wait to lean more heavily into it in the fall because now I can really play with the darker color.

What are the essentials for Hot Girl Fall?

The essential score for Hot Girl Fall is definitely all of the glosses. Like the chocolate lip gloss from Revlon, the gold one too, and definitely the dark eyeliner. Anything that can give you sultry, anything that can give you smoky.

What are you most excited about in Fall beauty?

I’m mostly excited about moving into a darker palette for my eyes. In the summertime, it’s all about sheers, all about looking at lightweight, shimmery, and natural. But then when you start getting cold, it’s about the vibes. I’m excited to see all the dark colors on everybody.

Hot Girl Summer is a mindset. How do we kind of keep it going in the fall, the winter, the spring? What’s your advice for keeping the mentality?

You definitely just have to remain unapologetic all year round. You definitely got to still be bold. You still definitely have to be you. Just when it’s hot outside, we can dress a little bit sexier. Now, you got to figure out how to start your swag in a different direction. Find a nice look even though it’s cold outside. You’re still doing real high girls shit, but now you got to dress for the cold weather. [Laughs]

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