Ulla Johnson’s Show Gave Off Major Rich Mom Energy


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It couldn’t be a coincidence that my very first New York Fashion Week experience was absolutely dripping in Rich Mom Energy. Sitting front row at Ulla Johnson was a complete dream. I’ve been a shameless superfan of the brand for years because of the genius juxtaposition of utility and femininity—each piece is more wearable and prettier than the last. I have a sizable Ulla collection in my closet, so you can imagine my excitement pulling up to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on the most picturesque New York day to watch the show.

For the occasion, the Ulla team was kind enough to loan me the most divine patchwork dress, complete with dainty bows adorning the shoulders. We completed my look with white lug sole boots that basically changed my life. (I live for a white boot!) Plus, the chunky gold chain that went along with it had me feeling like a Rich Tribeca Mom, in the best way possible. I definitely dressed the part.

As with everything Ulla Johnson creates, the setting was beyond perfect. Violins and cellos played in the background, and everyone wore masks in a pretty Ulla print (how thoughtful!). Surrounded by greenery, flowers, and beautiful people everywhere, it legitimately felt like we were all starring as extras in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

ulla johnson spring summer 2022

The setting at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Taylor Jewell

The show was, in one word, stunning. All of Ulla Johnson’s signature prints, ruffles, and layering were freshly reimagined for spring. The collection gave off major earth sign vibes—mainly Virgo and Capricorn energy—and, yes, I promise that is the most Gen Z thing I will say (for now). The warm tones and textures were inviting and playful, reigniting excitement for celebratory group gatherings after the long pause. I spotted tons of looks fit for weddings or baby showers, or to grab a quick lunch in either New York or L.A.

No one does a pattern better than Ulla, and this show was no exception. Subtle nods to animal print were scattered throughout, grounding the lighter colors in depth. The monochrome looks were truly unbelievable—specifically, one magenta set with statement sleeves that was completely show-stopping. Layering was also a thread throughout many of the looks. Vests of all sizes added dimension—one trend that I cannot wait to try.

The accessories were a show on their own. Leather sunglass holders dangled from necks, while chunky earrings and hair jewelry added to the overall aesthetic. The hair jewelry was a particular favorite, giving off ’90s mermaid vibes. Each look was so rich to look at, with sumptuous details from head to toe. There were tassels and shells sewn onto the dresses, which created intrigue at every level. Leather mini bags served double duty as accessories, hanging around the models’ bodies.

ulla johnson spring summer 2022

A lace-up sandal from Ulla Johnson’s spring/summer 2022 collection.

Rodin Banica

Shoes added yet another layer, with an emphasis on platform sandals all laced up. Chunky leather sandals, heavier soles, and lacing all offered the perfect finishing touch to the collection. Rich moms, take note!

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