Hearst’s Virtual Style Summit Was A Celebration of Black Excellence


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Just last week, Hearst Magazine collaborated with Hearst Black Culture and HearstLab to debut the first Celebrate Black: A Virtual Style Summit. Hearst partnered with Nike to host three-day series that was moderated by Hearst’s very own staff members as they spoke and the important work being done within the company that helps amplify the voice of Black creators, brands, and entrepreneurs. Accompanied by the moderators were Black leaders in fashion, beauty, marketing, and entertainment. The topics covered throughout the three-day series were about diversity in fashion, sports, corporate America, the beauty industry, and more.

Here are the recaps of each session below:

Day One: Being A Black Leader In Fashion

Harper’s BAZAAR digital director, Nikki Ogunnaike, moderated as she welcomed guest designer Victor Glemaud, who discussed his journey in the fashion industry and the development of his clothing label. Glemaud’s best advice came when he emphasized that Black creators should be clear about their goals and what they want to do in life. He shared a personal story of calling every week for six months for a possible internship because he believed in himself.


Day One: New Guard Roundtable

Ogunnaike spoke to new Black image-markers: Yashua Simmons (Fashion Stylist), Latisha Chong (Published Hairstylist), Jasmine Plantin (Nike Apparel Designer), and Raisa Flowers (Makeup Artist). In the roundtable, the rising stars discussed their career trajectories, cultural influence, and future collaborations with Hollywood’s biggest stars. Chong’s best advice? Knowing how to treat people is vital. Kindness in this industry goes a long way. What was most inspiring was a full-circle moment for Raisa Flowers who started in makeup by taking a class from the makeup artist for Rihanna, Priscilla Ono, and now just walked in the Savage X Fenty fashion show herself.


Day One: Reshaping The Look of Sports

Ogunnaike also sat down with Emiko McCoy (Nike’s Women Apparel Designer) and Jarvis Sam (Nike’s Vice President of Global Inclusion & Diversity) and spoke about hot button topics; diversity and equity. The Nike execs also shared discoveries from two Nike initiatives: The Serena Williams Design Crew apprenticeship program and The Nike WIN program.


Day Two: Cultivating Your Calling

Oprah Daily senior digital director, Arianna Davis, moderated as Sarah Mensah, Nike’s Head of North American Marketing, shared her journey in the marketing field and provided advice for women of color who are navigating in corporate America. Mensah shared the gem of learning to enjoy the journey and making sure we all own our whole self at work.


Day Two: Don’t Just Change The Packaging

Chloe Hall, Beauty Director at ELLE, sparked an in-depth conversation with Shibishah Johnson (Brand Strategist at Credo Beauty), dermatologist Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic, and Christina Tegbe (Founder of 54 Thrones) about inclusivity in the clean beauty space. They discussed how communities of color created natural ingredients and wellness and how those communities are being unrepresented in the clean beauty conversation. Tegbe and Dr. Howard-Verovic also spoke about how they are changing the narrative in wellness representation.


Day Three: The Power of Choice

Angel Lenise, ELLE‘s Senior Producer, spoke to Empire actress and entrepreneur Serayah and Gossip Girl actress and brand ambassador Jordan Alexander about their fame in the entertainment industry. Lenise led the conversation as the two actresses conversated about their influence, entrepreneurship, and the importance of fashion in their careers.


Day Three: Style X Capital

Moderator Jalaine Johnson (Senior Director of Membership at Hearst) was accompanied by Unique James (Founder & Executive Producer at CompoZition), Carla Nelson ( Creator, President & CEO, Black Fashion World Inc.), and Reham Fagiri (Co-Founder & CEO at AptDeco) for a live-stream segment about black woman business owners. During the lunch conversation, the woman discussed their personal experiences and provided guidance to entrepreneurs in the style space.


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