An Eco-Friendly Material That Also Feels Amazing


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I love shopping online with the best of them—it’s my preferred method of hunting—yet there’s no denying you lose something when you can’t touch and feel. It’s kind of like real estate, where great photography and styling can go a long way to gussying up something that’s subpar. The shopping trick that I’m surprised more people don’t use is checking out the material list before you put something in your cart. What looks amazing can crumble ridiculously fast when you see something like poly front and center.

The summertime material I’m always hoping to see is TENCEL™, a wood-based fiber that’s sustainably sourced and feels amazing. Additional pro-shopping tip: It becomes uber easy and quick to find if you hone in on a brand or retailer that reliably uses it—explaining exactly why I’ve become even more of a devoted fan of Aritzia’s summer dresses.

The brand has been focused on sustainability from the beginning, with a conscious eye to social and environmental impact—a commitment that led them to using TENCEL™ fibers throughout their Wilfred and Wilfred Free collections. The wood-based materials are sustainably sourced in a closed-loop production process that avoids releasing byproduct into the environment as it goes, meaning forests, bodies of water, and the animals that inhabit both are kept safer.


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All of that’s important, but a harder sell if it doesn’t feel good. TENCEL™ fibers, like Lyocell and Modal, are known for being super soft, super breathable, and super flattering, making buying pieces made with them a true win-win. Then, when you’re ready to level up your shopping skills, turn it into a triple win by doing your next shopping haul with a retailer that’s committed to using it widely throughout so you don’t get stuck label-hunting.

Welcome to the big leagues.

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