Inside Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet’s ‘Under-the-Radar,’ Long-Distance Relationship


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Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet are still in love—but choosing to protect their privacy, sources recently told People and Us Weekly. The comments come days after the duo was photographed on a movie date, their first clear public slighting since their January Golden Globes outing.

Jenner “doesn’t want their relationship in the public eye,” a source told People.

The insider added she’s still smitten a year into dating him though: “Kylie is protective of the relationship, but whenever she talks about him, she has a huge smile. She really likes so many things about him.”

Us Weekly’s source, who is close to Jenner and Chalamet, reiterated that: “Kylie and Timothée hang out with each other frequently and communicate on a regular basis. They’ve gone on a number of dates recently, but they always do their best to try and stay under the radar as much as possible.”

The source noted that public speculation about whether or not they are still together has nothing to do with them having actual issues: “Their relationship is just under the microscope because of their celebrity status.”

Both People and Us Weekly’s sources discussed how the couple is handling dating long-distance. Jenner is based in Los Angeles, while Chalamet has been working for months in New York City.

They make a point to spend time together, People’s source explained: “Things are great with Timothée. Kylie is happy. They are both busy, but making time to see each other, especially on the weekends. He’s been working in NYC. She’s visited him, and he’s also been back to L.A. some weekends. They’re making it work.”

Us Weekly’s insider offered similar intel, saying their flame hasn’t burnt out at all. “Kylie and Timothée definitely still have a connection, and they really like each other and care about each other a lot,” that source said. “They enjoy the chemistry they have with each other. They’re taking each day as it comes and just having fun.”

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