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Calling all beauty lovers! Welcome to First Class Beauty, an extensive guide to the best travel beauty products to carry on (or check) for your next adventure, tested and beloved by ELLE editors.

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Scary movies might not dominate summer screens, but the season brings its own set of dreaded horrors. Picture this: foundation-laden sweat streaming down your cheeks, the uncomfortable rub of chafed thighs during those hot girl walks, or the suffocating air of an overpacked subway where someone clearly missed their deodorant routine—or hasn’t discovered the perfect natural formula yet.

Just as the groundhog’s shadow heralds the coming of spring, you know summer is nearly here when you feel the sudden urge to overhaul your beauty routine and replace your cold-weather staples with multitasking formulas, moisture-binding ingredients, and loads of SPF. With all the Hamptons weekend trips to take, parties to attend, and picnics to host, your travel bag should be stocked with all the necessities needed to make the season your best yet.

To help you navigate the season effortlessly, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of must-have beauty essentials. These ELLE-approved picks highlight the standout releases of the past year, blending luxury and practicality. Skip the tanning salon for an instant bronzing lotion or a radiant SPF formula that gives you a sun-kissed glow, rain or shine. Smooch on a summer fling (or two) with glossy picks from beloved brands. And, of course, we have a bevy of deodorants to keep you fresh and clean to Labor Day and beyond. Ahead of your next OOO adventure, bookmark this page of the best beauty travel essentials of 2024.


Danielle James, ELLE.com beauty director

“I’m Trinidadian and grew up in Florida, so I’m used to warm weather and enjoy spending time in the sand, sea, and sun. Because of this, I’ve perfected my selection of waterproof, transfer-proof, and sweatproof products. Whether it’s a skin tint for a Paris filter-like finish or sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast, I like products that perform while making me look effortlessly put-together. As I gear up for fun in the sun, these picks have become staples in my carry-on. Keep reading; I’m sure you’ll find your travel companion below.”

Nerisha Penrose, ELLE.com beauty commerce editor

“Summer is the season I come alive. I’m miserable in the winter and am typically tucked away, correcting, repairing, and nourishing my skin, so it can shed any dead layers ahead of the warm months. The moment the temperature soars to the 80s or 90s, I’m only focused on wearing less and going out more, which means my legs need to be polished and hair-free, my body needs to be glowing and protected by SPF, and my makeup needs to be sweatproof. If there’s one thing I know how to do best, it’s fake a vacation look with all the bronzing and radiant formulas I keep in my arsenal—and now you can, too.”

Carol Lee, ELLE.com associate beauty e-commerce writer

“As a summer baby, I’ve truly claimed the season as my own. I thrive on sunny days, whether I’m relaxing on a faraway beach or enjoying a picnic with friends in a local park. But no matter what, sun protection is top of mind; my mainstays include big hats, beach umbrellas, and more SPF-filled tinted moisturizers, lotions, and sprays than one might deem necessary. There’s also nothing like a fresh scent to enhance my warm-weather euphoria. When I smell as good as I feel, I’m ready to take on the world.”


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On Sale

Rosemary Mint Scalp & Edge Cleansing Oil

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Edge Cleansing Oil

Now 17% Off

“Baby hairs are not the easiest to master, and excessive manipulation of the edges can cause thinning or breakage. The same way we use a cleansing oil to thoroughly break down all our face products from the day, this one was created specifically to do the same for edges. Following the success of the viral Rosemary Mint Strengthening Oil, this cleansing oil removes old, dried-up edge control, courtesy of rosemary, mint, biotin, and witch hazel, to keep hair refreshed until wash day.”—NP

Gold Lust Dry Heat Protection Spray

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Heat Protection Spray

“My poor hair has suffered through years of heat styling without protection. It’s so much happier now that I spray it down with this heat protectant before straightening it. I can barely tell that I’ve applied anything, but the spray does soften my strands and prevent frizz—and, of course, supplies protection against up to 450°F. The scent is something to behold, too; I’ve gotten multiple compliments on how my hair smells with this product in it.”—CL

Fairy Duster Volumizing Dry Shampoo Powder

Dae Fairy Duster Volumizing Dry Shampoo Powder

“Dae makes you feel good about what you’re putting into your hair. Whereas some dry shampoos typically come in aerosol spray form, this one is a talc-free powder that sops up oil on the strands and blends into the hair seamlessly, regardless of your hair color, with no residue left behind.”—NP

Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner

Color Wow Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner

“Spending hours in the sun and swimming in the salty sea can’t be beat. However, you’ll find that your tresses are often dehydrated and frizzy after your adventures. Enter: The Color Wow Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner. Because it’s so lightweight, it won’t weigh down fine strands like mine; instead, it provides a burst of moisture and protects against heat and UV rays. I even find that the spray helps my natural waves retain their texture and resist frizzing up, and detangling is a breeze when I spritz it on right after a shower.”—CL

The Ultimate Detangler Plant Brush

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Detangler Plant Brush

“Let me spill the beans: Tangle Teezer’s latest launch is composed of 85 percent castor beans in an effort to cut down on unsustainable materials. The brush is still just as gentle and deft as the brand’s other offerings, and it has two layers of teeth: a longer one to undo wet tangles and another to smooth the strands. I dread brushing my hair wet, because I can hear the tears as they happen, but I’m never afraid with this one.”—CL


woman in water


Rio Radiance SPF 50 Body Oil

Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance SPF 50 Body Oil

“Is it your natural Brazilian tan, or did you get some help from Sol de Janeiro’s Rio Radiance Oil? No one will ever know. This body oil contains SPF 50 and gives your skin the gift of glow. It’s going to be my travel companion all summer long.”—DJ

Orange Gelée SPF 30

Vacation Orange Gelée SPF 30

“Fans of the original Orange Gelée rejoiced earlier this year when Vacation brought back the classic orange-tinted SPF. Due to its gel-to-oil formula, rich with shea butter and coconut oil, the sunscreen leaves behind a sun-kissed glow without any stickiness or residue. The formula doesn’t smell like sunscreen, either; its scent is a blend of sophisticated notes of bergamot, patchouli, and sandalwood.”—CL

Invisible Shield

Glossier Invisible Shield

“This chemical sunscreen won’t leave your skin dull, gray, or greasy. I was pleasantly surprised when I applied it to my face and didn’t need to follow up with a primer. This lightweight formula plays so well with my makeup and doesn’t make me break out.”—DJ

Hydrating Clear Mineral Lip Shine SPF 20

Seaweed Bath Co. Hydrating Clear Mineral Lip Shine SPF 20

“If you’re anything like me, you’ll apply sunscreen everywhere before stepping onto the beach and often neglect your lips. Now that I have Seaweed Bath’s lip SPF on hand, I have no excuse; the zinc oxide-powered lip balm feels so moisturizing and comfortable on the lips that it’s never a chore to reapply.”—CL


Live Tinted Hueguard

“Finding a mineral sunscreen that says it works for all and actually does is a tedious process—but that all ends with Live Tinted’s Hueguard. With a slight tint and hydrating ingredients, Hueguard works in three parts: it primes, protects, and moisturizes.”—NP


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Routine Queen

O2 Growth Factor Eight Active Cream

Element Eight O2 Growth Factor Eight Active Cream

“This cream is the result of over a decade of research and development, bringing science to your skin. The formula includes bio-placenta growth factors and lab-grown peptides that mimic human growth factors to rebuild collagen and reverse visible signs of aging. It has a yellow tint, but rest assured, it hasn’t gone bad. It gets its hue from the nutrient-rich blend, which includes sea buckthorn oil, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and a peptide complex. I highly recommend incorporating the O2 Niacinamide Eight Active Serum and O2 Caffeine Eight Active Eye Cream alongside this product for a simple but effective skin care routine. It’s been a game changer for my skin.”—DJ

Deep Purifying Mask

La Mer Deep Purifying Mask

“La Mer’s Purifying Mask serves one purpose: ridding your skin of the deep-seated dirt and debris that could wreak havoc come morning. Formulated with La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth—a mélange of vitamins, sea kelp, minerals, and more—and a clarifying ferment made of antioxidants and enzymes, your skin will appear clearer and pores more refined.”—NP

Pineapple Refresh

Rhode Pineapple Refresh

“We’re told to eat our vegetables, but don’t forget about the powers of fruits as well. In this formula, pineapple stars as the potent enzyme working to slough away dead skin while polyglutamic acid, a humectant, restores moisture. Even pitted against a full-glam face, Rhode’s pineapple cleanser can take on the challenge—and succeed—in just one wash.”—NP

On Sale

Pro-Berry Pore Refining Toner

Byroe Pro-Berry Pore Refining Toner

“Although every day doesn’t require a double cleanse, I turn to this superfood toner when I want to ensure my skin is free of leftover makeup and environmental impurities. The two-in-one formula also exfoliates and nourishes, and it’s packed with antioxidants from the fermented berries.”—DJ

Super C Ferulic Serum

Medik8 Super C Ferulic Serum

“We all love the warmth of the sun’s rays, but they can be responsible for some of the most visible signs of aging. Medik8’s potent vitamin C serum contains a powerful and stabilized form of the antioxidant, along with ferulic acid, which work to brighten skin as well as diminish and prevent dark spots and wrinkles.”—CL

Face Value

UV Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40

EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40

“I come from a Caribbean family and spend a lot of time at the beach and on boats. EltaMD UV Clear 46 is a mainstay in my morning rotation, so I was elated when the brand released a tinted version. It blends seamlessly into my skin, resulting in an even tone that’s protected from the sun.”—DJ

Hydra Vizor Huez

Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Huez

“A true bad gal doesn’t have to forgo her flawless makeup look for sun protection. Marrying skin-soothing ingredients with the superb finish of its skin tints, Fenty Skin’s Hydra Vizor Huez matches your complexion, smooths skin, and imparts a sheer-yet-buildable coverage that makes you forget you’re wearing sunscreen.”—NP

Dew Bronze

Saie Dew Bronze

“I tend to shy away from liquid bronzers, because they leave my skin looking muddy, instead of adding warmth and a sun-kissed glow. Not this one—Saie’s bronzer is perfect for beginners as it blends easily and provides a dewy finish. Start with a few dots, because it’s highly pigmented.”—DJ

HD Skin Face Essentials

Make Up For Ever HD Skin Face Essentials

“The trick to mastering vacation makeup isn’t a skin tint or mattifying setting spray. While both are important, an all-encompassing face palette in a bi-fold case is the true must-have. Compact and lightweight, this product features six shades for easily customizable concealer, foundation, or even contour. Housed on the opposite side are blush shades to make your makeup work for you, not the other way around.”—NP

Browbond Building Serum Eyebrow Enhancer

Olaplex Browbond Building Serum Eyebrow Enhancer

“Olaplex has been keeping our hair healthy for years, and it’s finally designed a product to boost our brows. Not only does this serum promote new growth and definition, it also works as a brow gel to keep those little hairs in place—perfect for no-makeup-makeup days. You’ll notice that your eyebrows feel softer over time.”—CL


Soft Shape Waterproof Lip Liner

Ami Colé Soft Shape Waterproof Lip Liner

“This waterproof lip liner won’t budge once you apply it. There are five flexible shades to choose from; my go-to is Café Touba, a hickory brown that gives me a natural, effortless look when paired with my favorite lip treatment oil.”—DJ

Extra Plump Hydrating Lip Serum

Bobbi Brown Extra Plump Hydrating Lip Serum

“A vacation is the perfect time to change up your look with a bold lip color or two. The new shades of Bobbi Brown’s Extra Plump Lip Serum include a juicy raspberry, a bright red, and other eye-catching hues. However, there are plenty of softer ones if you’d like to stick to those. Plus, the botanical oil-rich serum is so sheer and forgiving that I reapply it throughout the day sans mirror.”—CL

SOS LipSoftie Hydrating Lip Treatment Balm

Tower 28 Beauty SOS LipSoftie Hydrating Lip Treatment Balm

“I can’t stand lip balms that feel thick and goopy. I want the formula to sink into my skin and moisturize it, but I don’t want the balm to suffocate my lips. Tower 28’s SOS LipSoftie fits the bill with its non-sticky formula and an ultra-hydrating blend of jojoba oil, lysine, and shea butter. The product gets bonus points for the round applicator, which makes it fun and easy to apply.”—CL

Kiss Kiss Bee Glow Lip Oil

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Bee Glow Lip Oil

“This lip oil has earned a permanent spot in my everyday tote bag, because it feels so nourishing on my lips. With 92 percent natural origin ingredients, this skin care-makeup hybrid coats my lips with a beautiful, soft tint and leaves them moisturized with a subtle sheen. Plus, it’s not sticky like other lip oils—another reason why I always keep it around.”—DJ

Slim Lip Color

Tom Ford Slim Lip Color

“You know what pairs well with a tequila-soaked mojito? A soft kiss of color on the rim from your new favorite lipstick. The Slim Lip Color Shine coats your lips with an emollient-rich wash of color that’s pigmented with just one swipe.”—NP


Face Bond Self Setting Waterproof Foundation

Urban Decay Face Bond Self Setting Waterproof Foundation

“I love nature and spend a lot of time outside in the summer. But when temperatures turn hot and humid, it can be disastrous for your makeup. When I don’t want to risk my foundation sliding off, I’ll opt for this formula for photo-ready skin. It’s buildable but dries quickly, so make sure your skin is hydrated, and apply it intentionally with a beauty blender—otherwise, your makeup might look splotchy.”—DJ

Dew La La All-Over Glow Liquid Highlighter

Benefit Cosmetics Dew La La All-Over Glow Liquid Highlighter

“Lately, I’ve been wearing this highlighter under my skin tint to give my face a subtle glow. It has skin-loving ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, which immediately hydrate your skin and brighten it over time.”—DJ

Guideline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

WYN BEAUTY Guideline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

“Shaky, unsteady hands have found their reprieve. Formulated with champions in mind, this eyeliner from Serena Williams is a summertime dream. Draw your wings without fear of the color fading or migrating. Even better, the quick-drying formula and matte finish allow you to step out in the sun, ready to conquer whatever curveballs are thrown your way.”—NP

Groundwork: Blooming Romance Palette

Danessa Myricks Beauty Groundwork: Blooming Romance Palette

“The rose-colored palette is perfect for everything—literally! I use it as eyeshadow, blush, lip liner, and lipstick. It’s nice to have one palette that can do it all. It’s a permanent staple for me while traveling.”—DJ

On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray

“This setting spray went viral for a reason. Spray this fine mist across your face to keep your makeup in place, no matter what’s going on. My glam always stays fresh on hot days.”—DJ


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In-Flight Facial

Wrinkle Erasing Retinol Patches

111Skin Wrinkle Erasing Retinol Patches

“Botox isn’t for everyone—and by everyone, I mean me. I’m not quite ready for injections, but I do want to minimize and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Each of these treatment sets contains semi-circle patches to target crow’s feet, strips for your forehead expressions, and a patch for frown lines. The blend of retinol, vitamin C, and a peptide complex keeps my skin smooth and bright.”—DJ

Dark Spot Vanish Patch

Fur Dark Spot Vanish Patch

“Have you ever finished shaving only to discover spots of hyperpigmentation left behind from body acne and pesky ingrown hairs? The Fur Dark Spot Vanish Patch is dotted with microdarts full of brightening ingredients, like niacinamide and tranexamic acid, to banish those dark spots for good. It takes at least six hours for the microdarts to dissolve, so the patches are perfect for leaving on during an international or cross-country flight.”—CL

Soothing Steam Eye Mask

MyKirei Soothing Steam Eye Mask

“Can’t go to the spa? Try one of these eye masks, and the spa will come to you. The self-warming mask comes with hooks for your ears, so you can sit back and relax. The packaging says it steams, and while I didn’t experience that, it still had a calming effect.”—DJ

Gold Repair Hand Mask

Knesko Gold Repair Hand Mask

“No need to run from aging, but there are a bevy of products available to delay those early signs, including these golden collagen-boosting and elasticity-restoring hand masks. The serum is comprised of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and more to keep your hands soft, youthful, and bright.”—NP

The PLASMA Lip Compound

U Beauty The PLASMA Lip Compound

“This isn’t your everyday lip gloss. This formula plumps and hydrates, instantly minimizing fine lines, and leaves my lips super soft. It comes in 14 different shades, my favorite being Shanghai, a vibrant red.”—DJ

Stay Fresh

The Deodorant Balm

AKT The Deodorant Balm

“While natural deodorants are arguably better for you, many fall short of staving off body odor. AKT is the only natural deodorant that lasted through my Saturday morning Orangetheory workout, followed by a day of errands. My favorite of the scents is Orange Grove, which reminds me of Fruit Loops. If its efficacy doesn’t impress you, its presentation sure will. Packaged in a tube, you can squeeze it onto your fingers or apply it with AKT’s gold applicator for a luxurious experience. Pro tip: Purchase the golden key to roll down the tube, and squeeze out every last drop.”—DJ

Moisturizing Antiperspirant Deodorant

SheaMoisture Moisturizing Antiperspirant Deodorant

Now 30% Off

“Shea Moisture is one of my go-to hair brands, so I was excited when it expanded into deodorant. The Even Tone formula contains vitamin C and niacinamide and will have your armpits summer-ready in no time.”—DJ

On Sale

Whole Body Deo

Dove Whole Body Deo

Now 25% Off

“I gave this to a friend who doesn’t need to do much to start sweating, often leaving her with wet marks under her arms, on her lower back, and even on her intimate areas. This deodorant was the solution to years of embarrassment, and now she’s ready for summer.”—DJ

Santal Bloom Skincare Deodorant

Saltair Santal Bloom Skincare Deodorant

“There’s nothing unsexy about deodorant, especially with Santal Bloom in your arsenal. A proven ally, even in the most stifling heat, your pits have never been treated better. Salicylic acid eradicates odor and keeps the pits clear of hyperpigmentation or painful ingrown hairs with a long-lasting formula that’s perfect for every lifestyle.”—NP

Wake the F*ck Up Deodorant

By Rosie Jane Wake the F*ck Up Deodorant

“By Rosie Jane champions the idea that a well-rounded olfactory experience doesn’t start and end with perfume. Outside of its eau de parfums, it offers natural deodorants that are all aluminum-free with a pleasant smell to match. Each spray kills odor-causing bacteria via a blend of aloe vera, glycerin, and sugar cane alcohol.”—NP

Get Glowing

The Geranium Rose Body Oil

Augustinus Bader The Geranium Rose Body Oil

“I love using this oil—it leaves my skin so hydrated. The fast-absorbing formula minimizes the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Whether used by itself or to amplify the richness of your body cream, this product softens your skin and makes it smell like roses. It also acts as a great floral base for scent layering.”—DJ

Major Glow Crème & Powder Light Reflecting Translucent Highlighter Duo

Patrick Ta Major Glow Crème & Powder Light Reflecting Translucent Highlighter Duo

“This cream and powder highlighter duo can be used in multiple ways. When I want a dewy finish, I start with the cream and lightly press it into the high points of my face. For a bolder look, I apply the powder directly. If you mix both, you get a beautiful depth that’s unmatched.”—DJ

Body Butter Glow

Mutha Body Butter Glow

“Mutha might as well have named this cream Mutha Body Butter: Vacation Edition. Inside the purple jar is the same rich concoction of cocoa, shea, and mango seed butters from the beloved original formula, but the cherry on top is the sprinkle of mica that glimmers and glows when applied to the skin. Feel free to tell everyone you woke up like that—it’ll be our little secret.”—CL

Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

ThisWorks Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

“Are your legs looking a little dull in that bikini? A few swipes of this tinted serum will do the trick. This isn’t quite a tanning lotion, but it gently enhances your natural skin tone to reveal a filter-like finish worthy of a magazine cover.”—NP

Pistachio Face Oil

Irene Forte Pistachio Face Oil

“Last summer, everyone wanted to smell like pistachios. This summer, Irene Forte wants you to put them on your face. The star ingredient of this anti-aging oil is phytomelatonin, the plant version of melatonin, which contains powerful antioxidants to boost skin renewal and combat the effect of free radicals. This is the final step in my nighttime skin care routine, and I wake up with smooth, soft skin without fail.”—DJ

Sunny Scents

Soft Spot

Phlur Soft Spot

“Soft Spot smells like the aroma of summer approaching. The soft, citrusy scent dances with aquatic florals and dries down to reveal a smooth musk. This will be my go-to for summer nights.”—DJ

St. Barts Hair and Body Mist

OUAI St. Barts Hair and Body Mist

“If you can’t make it to St. Barts this summer, you can still create the vibe via this heavenly aroma. In one sniff, this tropical scent will transport you to the Caribbean. I can’t get enough!”—DJ

Moon Dust Eau de Parfum

Ourside Moon Dust Eau de Parfum

“For the uninitiated, this is a floral, citrusy fragrance with an earthy, green finish. It’s fun and playful but not overpowering, making it the perfect airy scent for schmoozing at an outdoor soirée.”—DJ

Thousand Palms Solid Fragrance

Fulton & Roark Thousand Palms Solid Fragrance

“The first word that comes to mind when I smell Thousand Palms is green. Inspired by a lively oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert, its notes of bell pepper, coriander leaf, and patchouli conjure visions of lush palm trees swaying in the wind. The scent is available in a chic, TSA-friendly solid, but I always have a bottle of the extrait waiting for me at home, just in case.”—CL

Almond Delicious Shower Cream

L’Occitane Almond Delicious Shower Cream

“What’s better than snacking on almonds? Smelling like them. L’Occitane’s body wash packages the same heavenly aroma found in its cult-favorite shower oil and body milk in this creamy whipped formula that nourishes the skin with sweet almond oil.”—NP

Smooth Operators

The Lip Scrub

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

“Sara Happ is an ELLE favorite—our entire team loves the brand’s various lip balms and glosses. But the sugar- and oil-based lip scrub is our most prized possession. Dry flakes stand no chance against the formula, which gets our pouts smooth, silky, and ready for lipstick within seconds.”—CL

Cashmere Peel Gentle Exfoliating AHA Toner

EADEM Cashmere Peel Gentle Exfoliating AHA Toner

“Properly prep your skin ahead of makeup application with this gentle face exfoliator. EADEM’s signature FastFade technology smooths and brightens with AHAs and PHAs, reducing texture and upping your makeup game. The formula also soothes the skin using rice water and colloidal oatmeal, preventing irritation or a weakened skin barrier.”—NP

10% Glycolic Acid + Aloe Vera Resurfacing Pads

Naturopathica 10% Glycolic Acid + Aloe Vera Resurfacing Pads

“My skin care sin is that, sometimes, I don’t regularly exfoliate, leading to dull and textured skin. But these resurfacing pads make exfoliating a breeze. They are powerful, so if you are new to acid exfoliation, I’d use this product every three days to start. If you have sensitive skin, opt for Naturopathica’s Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel instead.”—DJ

Find Comfort Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Find Comfort Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash

“Why not wake up and start your day with a burst of citrusy goodness? The exfoliating properties of the plant-derived konjac jelly in this body wash tackle dead skin and reverse dullness, sans any harsh stripping. Follow up with the fragrance mist and body lotion to keep the good vibes going.”—NP

Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub Travel Size

Cécred Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub Travel Size

“For a while, I was washing my hair nearly every single day. But this formula provides a deep, thorough cleanse that keeps oil and flakes at bay, allowing me to go days without shampooing. Traveling with just a carry-on? No problem. The brand just released a travel-size version that’ll sail through TSA.”—CL

Hot Tools

Chronos Styler 1 Inch Flat Iron

ghd Chronos Styler 1 Inch Flat Iron

“Purchase this to own the best flat iron on the market. This tool heats up in 20 seconds to 365 °F, and its advanced motion technology prevents overstyling and heat damage. The ghd Chronos is also a favorite in the ELLE office.”—DJ

It’s Giving Body Medium Hot Thermal Round Brush

Mane It’s Giving Body Medium Hot Thermal Round Brush

“I rave about this round brush to anyone who will listen. I’m currently growing out a bob, and it’s reaching all of those awkward lengths where the most manageable way to wear it is to straighten it, instead of wearing my natural-but-unpredictable waves. But that doesn’t mean I want to spend a lot of time styling, especially while on a trip. That’s where Mane’s Hot Round Brush comes in. Minutes into running it through my tresses, my hair is smooth and bouncy, with no tangles but plenty of shine.”—CL

C∙A∙R∙A Multi-Modal Tool

Althea Skin C∙A∙R∙A Multi-Modal Tool

“Although at-home (or at-hotel room) treatments can’t come close to an in-office treatment, Althaea Skin’s C∙A∙R∙A Multi-Modal Tool is an impressive on-the-go alternative. With powerful blue and red lights, the device works to fight acne, plump skin, and repair the harm that sun exposure and pollutants wreak on our face during the day. Because it’s so compact, I don’t hesitate to slip the tool into my carry-on, even on weekends away.”—CL

SilkyAir Pro

Silk’n SilkyAir Pro

“I usually prefer to bring my own hair dryer rather than rely on the device that may or may not be in my hotel room. After all, I have no idea how it’ll perform or how much dust—or something worse—has been stuck in the dryer for months. The SilkyAir Pro works for pretty much everybody since it has three magnetic attachments: a diffuser, a small concentrator, and a wide concentrator. Heat damage is kept to a minimum too, since the tool constantly assesses the air temperature and tweaks it automatically when things are getting too hot.”—CL

Pure Mini Lite

SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite

“Lightweight and compact, this laser device is the at-home hair removal companion you’ve been looking for to upkeep maintenance. Powered by 133 flashes per minute, the Pure Mini Lite is suitable for the body and face and reduces hair growth, when consistently applied, in about 12 weeks.”—NP

Polished Perfection

On My Tippies in Almond

Pink Friday On My Tippies in Almond

“Calling all Barbz! Nicki Minaj collaborated with her longtime nail artist Yvett G to dream up a collection of stunning press-ons inspired by the rapper’s famously attention-grabbing sets. The first collection features nearly a dozen designs in various classic shapes and lengths to match any outfit and vibe. I tried a French manicure set, and they were so thin and nicely molded. Everyone thought I had gotten a gel mani on my natural nails!”—CL

Jelly Bean

Glamnetic Jelly Bean

“Glam girls, you don’t have to hit up the salon before hopping on a plane to your next destination. Pop this kit in your bag and apply the press-ons during the ride—you’ll land with a fresh and fun set that makes it look like you spent an hour with your favorite nail tech.”—CL

My Me Era Nail Lacquer in Pricele$$

OPI My Me Era Nail Lacquer in Pricele$$

“If you’re headed to a balmy, verdant paradise, it only makes sense for your fingertips to match. OPI’s Pricele$$ is a creamy green that echoes the leaves of thriving flora. The polish dries quickly to prevent accidental smudging and can stay chip-free for up to seven days.”—CL

Active Glow

Manicurist Active Glow

“Opt for this polish if you want to get into the jelly nail trend while nourishing your nails at the same time. It leaves a natural and buildable rosy glow, and it’s perfect for the clean-girl aesthetic or anyone trying to rehab their nails from an acrylic manicure gone wrong.”—DJ

The Nail Polish Kit

Jones Road Beauty The Nail Polish Kit

“Sometimes, my feet don’t necessarily need another pedicure, but rather a polish change. This nail polish kit, which is great for weekend trips, contains the perfect shade of red, a ballerina pink, a two-in-one top and base coat, and a nail file—everything you need for a DIY mani-pedi. Bonus: The polish lasts a long time.”—DJ

Additional reporting by Carol Lee.

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