Exclusive: Madewell’s Star-Packed Campaign Is Fall-Ready


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It brings us no pleasure to report that summer is on its way out. But for those of us who are ready to layer up again, it’s almost our time to shine again. Madewell is ready to help us lean into autumn dressing again with their fall collection, one that’s as well-priced as it is well-made (pun intended). With a campaign titled ‘when the fit hits,’ Madewell is committed to helping everyone and every body find their perfect fit—you know, that indescribable feeling of slipping on a pair of jeans that immediately brighten your day and make you reconsider all the other pairs y0u’ve stocked up on. Denim is what they do best, and for this fall, they’re focusing on casual and baggy fits harkening back to the 90s. Fitting, then, that the campaign cast is full of 90s babies on the cusp of stardom.

Charlbi Dean

Cass Bird

Madewell enlisted a quartet of rising Hollywood stars to pose in the Brooklyn sun in front of Cass Bird’s playful eye for a pared down, fun-loving campaign. There’s Charlbi Dean, the South African beauty who starred in DC’s TV series Black Lightning and is starring in the hotly anticipated Palme D’Or winner Triangle of Sadness, coming out October 7. Chase Sui Wonders stars alongside Rachel Sennott and Lee Pace in the runaway movie of the summer, Bodies Bodies Bodies. Kiersey Clemons has starred in a host of TV and movie roles, and most recently is busy filming the upcoming live-action Godzilla and Titans series for Apple TV+. And finally, if you’re not familiar with Lukas Gage, he was the breakout star of The White Lotus Season 1, most notably for bearing all in that office sex scene—you know the one.

In the spirit of fall, ELLE spoke exclusively with the campaign cast to talk about how they’re dressing for fall, what they’re most excited for in the new season, and who their forever style inspo is.

What are your hero wardrobe pieces for the fall?

Charlbi Dean: Jeans with a jacket for Autumn – you simply can’t go wrong, especially with The Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Crop Jean from Madewell.

Chasi Sui Wonders: I wear my black Simon Miller boots all fall long–with pants, with tights, with dresses. I also break out the shearling jackets super early. My closet is mostly statement jackets so I will sport a big coat no matter the weather.

Kiersey Clemons: Well-made socks, a vintage 90s denim vest, and my brown boots.

Lukas Gage: My Madewell denim jacket and my Nanushka vegan leather jacket.

Who is your greatest style inspiration?

CD: Those with unique self-expression, like Harajuku girls, Party Monster (the film), models and even anime characters.

CSW: Devon Aoki, the OG aspirational hapa. She made such an impression on me – seeing an actress/fashion icon who sort of looked like me and my siblings was a big moment. Also Catherine Deneuve in every movie of hers (Belle de Jour, Mississippi Mermaid) is an eternal muse.

KC: Your uncle who lives by himself in a cabin in the woods and wears a Canadian tuxedo with a cat eye and a red lip every day whilst chopping wood.

LG: Has to be Elaine Benes and Nicolas Cage.

cass bird madewell chase sui wonders

Chase Sui Wonders

Cass Bird

What wardrobe piece makes you feel the most comfortable?

CD: Hands down a white vest.

CSW: I have these black vintage jeans that fit just right. Once I put those on, it becomes so fun and easy to build the outfit out from there.

KC: I have slouchy cashmere socks and they’re the best decision I’ve ever made.

LG: I’m basic— jeans and a t-shirt.

If you had to wear one piece from the fall collection for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

CD: I would say the men’s Classic Jean Jacket I wear in the campaign.

CSW: The Kendale Button-Front Crop Sweater Tank! Such a good staple uniform piece. I love how it’s both sophisticated and sexy.

KC: The Baggy Tapered Jean I wear in the campaign. I love the way I look in them and they are the most versatile.

LG: Definitely the Vintage Straight Leg Jean because I’m a 90’s baby and it brings out my blue eyes.

kiersey clemons cass bird madewell denim campaign fall dressing sweater

Kiersey Clemons

Cass Bird

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

CD: Looking forward to my upcoming trips and of course my new ping pong table.

CSW: I’m excited to dive into some of my writing projects. I’ve also been all over the map lately on various jobs and things so I’m excited to get back to my place in NYC and make it feel more like home.

KC: I’m looking forward to cuddling the people I love on my couch, and watching scary movies.

LG: Seasonal depression and definitely ready for some cozy jackets.

madewell fall campaign charlbi dean

Charlbi Dean

Cass Bird

Who’s your dream co-star, living or dead?

CD: I’d have to say James Dean because, fun fact, I’m named after him.

CSW: Marlon Brando, Tom Hardy, Gena Rowlands – clearly all very high-octane people. You could put a camera in front of any of these people doing the most mundane tasks and it would be high stakes and fascinating.

KC: My co-stars right now on the AppleTV+ series I’m working on, Anna Sawai and Ren Watabe.

LG: Easy— Paul Newman and Jill Zarin.

lukas gage madewell campaign fall denim

Lukas Gage

Cass Bird

F*ck, marry, kill: Pumpkin spice lattes, boots, apple pie.

CD: Pumpkin spice lattes and apple pie? Those aren’t things where I’m from haha so yes to boots and slit the throats of the others.

CSW: F*ck apple pie, marry boots, and kill pumpkin spice lattes.

KC: Easy one. f*ck apple pie, marry boots and kill pumpkin spice.

LG: F*ck apple pie, marry boots, kill pumpkin spice lattes (because my father was burned by one as a child).

Shop Madewell’s Fall Collection

Baggy Tapered Jeans in Dressler Wash

Madewell Baggy Tapered Jeans in Dressler Wash

Caldwell Double-Breasted Blazer in Hedden Plaid

Madewell Caldwell Double-Breasted Blazer in Hedden Plaid

Kendale Button-Front Crop Sweater Tank

Madewell Kendale Button-Front Crop Sweater Tank

The Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Crop Jean in Catlin Wash

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Crop Jean in Catlin Wash

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